May 4, 2018

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President Bekker

Kilauea Volcano Update

Dear Parents of Missionaries serving in the Islands of Hawaii,

Your sons and daughters are all safe and being taken care of to insure they are not in any danger from the eruption of the Kilauea volcano.
I personally went last night to the eruption area, and have monitored the progress throughout the day today. Tonight I have counseled with Elder Auna, our Area Authority, and we are coordinating with all of the Bishops in the area. All missionaries are safe and accounted for - the closest missionaries to the eruption are about a half hour away and are not in any danger. Some of the missionaries are with local Bishops in the area helping members to evacuate where they have been asked to leave, but thus far the lava flow has not destroyed any homes or buildings, and does not appear to be headed in that direction. An emergency plan is in place for the missionaries to be evacuated if needed, and their 72 hour kits are ready. Right now, we do not feel that either of those options are going to be needed.
We love the missionaries on the Big Island, as well as all of the islands of Hawaii. They are working hard and have the light of the Gospel shining in their faces. We will do everything necessary to keep them safe and happy, so that the work can go forward. We are so grateful that you are sharing them with us for this wonderful missionary experience. Sister Bekker and I will be meeting with all of the missionaries on the Big Island of Hawaii tomorrow in a Multi-Zone Conference and will take a picture of them all and send it to you shortly.

Warmest Aloha and appreciation from Hawaii,
President and Sister Bekker


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