April 30, 2018


Kailua (Sister Downs)


Corinne Downs

Miracle Baptism

Aloha! This week was honestly one of the best weeks I've had on my mission! So many miracles.
We had interviews this week with our Mission President, President Bekker. I might be a little biased, but President Bekker is the best mission president in the history of mission presidents. He loves all of us missionaries so much and he really shows it. He and his wife are like our mission parents because we are away from our real parents. Plus he always tells me my shoes are cute so that's a few more points in my book LOL.
As many of you might remember, I used to cover the Waimanalo Ward, but now I'm in Keolu Ward. They're still in the same zone (aka same stake) and so I still talk to the Nalo Elders quite often. On Thursday the Elders called me and said, "Sister Hoffman, Kea is getting baptized on Saturday and he wants you to speak at it." I almost dropped the phone! I was so excited. Waimanalo was a really hard area with not many people to teach, and I'm grateful the Lord was merciful enough to me to let me see that my efforts there weren't for nothing.
The tap water in Hawaii is notorious for being unpredictable. Sometimes you can get it really hot, other times it feels like it came straight from Antarctica. Unfortunately, the water for the baptismal font was more on the latter end of the scale. When Kea got in and felt how cold it was, he was like "oh my gosh! if I knew the water was going to be this cold, I would've just gone to the beach!" LOL so funny. Little does Kea know that beach baptisms are frowned upon. We just stick to the ice bath method.
On Sunday when the Elders were asking Kea who he wanted to confirm him a member of the Church and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost, Kea said "I want Sister Hoffman to do it." Haha what a funny guy. Needless to say, Kea is going to get another lesson on the priesthood.
Another miracle this week was a lady named Wendy. She was outside gardening and we just stopped to talk with her. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and testified of what it means to us and how much it's helped us in our lives. She took a copy and said, "well I guess I need to read this book!" Yes, yes you do Wendy. If only all people were like her!
I really do know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Just like we need 2 eyes to see more clearly, the Book of Mormon supports the Bible and adds yet another witness of Jesus Christ. Although I am not perfect and am still learning the stories and names in the Book of Mormon, I cannot deny the Spirit I feel when I read it. As always, I would invite all of you to read it. If you don't have a copy, don't worry about it! I'd be more than willing to help you get one.
A scripture I found this week and fell in love with is Romans 12:21. It reads,
"Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good."
There is so much good in the world! So much to be happy about. Love and good trumps all.
I love you all! As always, mahalo for all of your love & constant support. Next week I will be emailing on Tueday. Aloha!
1. Kea's baptism! Me & the Elders who are teaching him now
2. Hawaii has dysfunctional doorbells. No one has doorbells that work. Or, in this case, their doorbell got stolen LOL
3-5. Beautiful hike this morning!


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