February 19, 2018


Waimanalo (Sister Talbot)


Kristin Talbot


Aloha friends and family! I hope you all had a great week!
I had a great week too. Here in Waimanalo everyone knows the missionaries, so we are really trying hard to find new people to talk to and to teach the Gospel to. See picture #1 to meet our newest investigator this week. His name is Hay Hay. And I am Sister Hoffman, or Sister Hoffmoana ;)
This week I got to go on exchanges with Sister Bongalon. She is from the Philippines, but grew up in Seattle. I was actually born in Seattle so it was a fun bonding moment. While on exchanges, we were able to do Zumba! It was super fun, but it was also really weird. As missionaries we don't dance, or listen to that kind of music, but our mission President said it was ok because there were a lot of people there who weren't members of our church. It's safe to say I was a very happy camper.
Other than that, not much else to report on this week! Here in Waimanalo Sister Talbot and I have started to teach people how to quit smoking, just as I did previously in Pearl City. I never knew before my mission that a lot of my time would be spent helping people rid themselves of their addictions to nicotine, but hey, it's been more than a joy! We have an investigator here named Kea who was successful in quitting smoking through our program. He is going to be baptized March 10th. Its going to be the best early birthday present for me that I've ever had.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week! You're all in my prayers.
1. Me introducing Hay Hay to the Book of Mormon
2. Me and Sister Bongalon after Zumba
3. My Valentine's day Cookie. Check out!
4. Beautiful double rainbow and beautiful construction


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