January 15, 2018


Pearl City (Sister Jensen)


Abigail Jensen

"It's a false alarm!" "Wait, what alarm?"

Aloha everyone! I am alive! Funny story about that missile threat... We actually had no idea what was going on until the whole thing was over. For some reason our phone didn't get the alarm? Not sure if that is a blessing or a curse.... We think its because our data was turned off. We were just doing our studies when the other sisters that we live with got a call from one of their members saying "are you sisters ok?! its a false alarm! it's a false alarm!" and we were all like "uh what are you talking about?" After we understood what we had just missed, we realized we would've all died while reading the Book of Mormon during our morning personal study.. What better way to die? :) All jokes aside, thank you for your prayers. I know that Heavenly Father is protecting Hawaii and protecting His missionaries here.
I am getting transferred! After 6 months in Pearl City, I am excited to go somewhere new, but also a bit sad to leave a place I have learned to love so much. I will be moving to Waimanalo, which is on the windward side of the island. My area is on the Hawaiian Homestead where the Hawaiian roots are thick, and the Hawaiian pidgin accents are even thicker. I will be eating a lot of local food! aka.. raw fish.... But that's ok. I have said my fair share of prayers about it and I know that Heavenly Father will help me eat it. And maybe even learn to like it. :)
Not much happened this week. I am so grateful to be a missionary! I have included a link to one of my favorite mormon messages that we often share for our dinner messages. We often get so distracted with small things, such as money and social media, that we lose sight of what is most important. But the great thing about it is that we can always re-align our vision through repentance. Repentance really does give us a shield from the world and helps us to withstand all of the fiery darts of the adversary.
I love you all! Have a great week.


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