January 8, 2018


Pearl City (Sister Jensen)


Abigail Jensen

"Hear me out before you kick me out"

No, we haven't used that phrase while proselyting yet. But a saleswoman did this week and she's a genius! We were at a members home eating dinner when someone knocked on the door. It was a saleswoman and that's the first thing she said. When she saw my companion she said, "you! yes you! come over here!" We were all thinking oh boy what is happening... but the lady went on to say how she's met sister missionaries before and we are "just lovely" and are "doing great things for the world." After her whole presentation about whatever she was selling, we gave her a picture of the Laie temple and a Book of Mormon and she was the jolliest saleswoman there ever was! It was such a pleasant surprise.
Earlier this week while my companion was in the shower, I suddenly got a feeling that I had lost my pearl necklace. It might not seem like a huge deal, but my mom gave it to me and it is really special to me. In midst of a panic, I searched through all my bags and couldn't find it at all. In between a few tears of frustration with myself because of my irresponsibility, I realized I hadn't said a prayer asking for help to find it yet. I got on my knees in the middle of the luggage mess and said a prayer pleading for help to find them. Once my prayer was over, I got an impression to look in a bag I had already looked in. And there it was! It doesn't seem like like a anything major, but it really did strengthen my testimony of the fact that our Heavenly Father really is in the details of our lives. He hears my prayers and answers them, sometimes it is just my own weakness not recognizing the answers. I also learned that He was waiting to help me the whole time, but it wasn't until I humbled myself and got rid of the "I can find it myself" attitude that I was able to find it. Alone we can do good things, but with Him our potential is so much greater. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and the peace it brings to me.
When I was preparing for Hawaii, everybody warned me about how gross the cockroaches are... but I have unfortunately discovered something much worse... RATS. Yes I know, so disgusting. We have rats living in our attic/pantry. So far they've stolen trail mix and cashews. On a positive note, at least they're eating healthy...
Our Tagalog-speaking investigator came to church this week and he loved it! After church he told us he wants to work on his English so he can bear his testimony of his experience with us. It brought tears to my eyes. I am so blessed to be a missionary.
A quote I found this week that I feel prompted to share comes from October 2017 General Conference:
"Hard is the constant [in life].. the variable is our reaction to the hard."
- Elder Stanley G. Ellis
His words are so wise. Life is constantly throwing us for a loop, but in the midst of that we are given an opportunity to prove ourselves and come out stronger than we were before. This week I hit my 6 month mark and it is a bit spooky. I am grateful to be serving my Heavenly Father and to have this opportunity to be a full-time representative of my Savior Jesus Christ, whom I love dearly. I am grateful for the woman of God I am becoming (even though I am still mistaken for a 16 year old on a daily basis.)
This week is transfers and I have no idea what will happen with me... I'll either stay another transfer for a total of 7 1/2 months or I'll leave and Pearl City will get 2 new missionaries because my companion going back to the Temple Visitor's Center in Laie. The anticipation is killing me! Stay tuned next week for an update.
I hope you all have a warm and safe week!
With love and much aloha,
Sister Hoffman

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3: too tired to shower so I tried some dry shampoo.. next thing I know my hair is WHITE! (also, my hair is getting long and I'm not sad)
4: "hey kids want to see a cool video about Jesus Christ


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