January 1, 2018


Pearl City (Sister Jensen)


Abigail Jensen


Aloha friends and family! I cannot believe it's 2018 already! This is going to be a gr8 year.
This week was a super fun week. We went on exchanges and I went to Aiea for the day with Sister Wilson. Funny story... We are both from Arizona (she's from Peoria) and we both love anything cactus because it reminds us of home. I got these super cute cactus pj's for Christmas (thanks to my awesome cousin Kallie.) I brought them because I was so excited to show my az pal my new cactus merchandise. I told her I have cactus pants and she ran to her room and she just got the same ones! It was so funny. Her and I are so similar. Besides AZ, we both went to BYU-I to study nursing and we are both CNA's. Small world.
That day on exchanges we were walking around the streets and we saw this lady folding laundry staring at us. Nothing new. So we decided to go talk to her. That day on exchanges we were in a trio, so we also had Sister Jeffrey with us. When we talked to the lady, she immediately cleared her laundry away and let us sit. She didn't speak ANY English. We were able to communicate that she was from Chuke and only spoke Chukesse. Luckily, Sister Jeffrey speaks Chukesse and was able to bear her testimony and get a return appointment. It was such a great experience to be in the right place at the just the right time to meet this lady.
This week I had the most EMBARRASSING experience! Are any of you surprised?
We were tracting and knocked on a door and 2 people came out and immediately told us they were Jehovah's Witnesses. Which is totally fine, but we were well aware we aren't their favorite people to talk to. So I, trying to keep the conversation friendly, decided to say, "so, did you guys have a nice Christmas?" And mid sentence I remembered that they don't celebrate... which they promptly reminded us of. I quickly racked my brain for something to change the subject with and said, "oh yeah oops sorry! So did you guys have a good.... day...?" Haha! So awkward! So if any of you are having a bad day, at least you didn't ask a JW if they had a good Christmas.
I hope you all had a fun & safe New years! The people here are CRAZY! Fireworks till 3am... and not just little cute fireworks... legit Disneyland status huge aeiral fireworks. They don't mess around here. I love you all so much! Have a great week.
1. Island Conference at the beginning of this month. All of the missionaries serving on the island of Oahu in one place. See if you can spot me.. here's a hint: I'm wearing a black name tag
2. Cactus ^2 with Sister Wilson
3. My favorite Hawaii tree topper
4. Exchanges with Sister Jeffrey & Sister Wilson


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