October 3, 2017


Pearl City (Sister Makihele)


Mafileiola Makihele

Temple Trip & Tacos

aloha everyone! this week was another beautiful week here in Pearl City. we have the BEST rainbows! I'm sure you are tired of seeing pictures of them but sorry not sorry ;) this week I was told that I'm "not tan enough to be from Arizona" so these past few days I have been trying extra hard to look more like an AZ local- whatever that means??
in picture #2 you will see Sister Makihele and I with our investigator Marie (center) with her family. We took them to the Visitor's Center of the Laie temple. As most of you know, anyone cannot just go into the temple. But everyone is welcome into the Visitor's Center. We showed them pictures of inside the temple and what goes on there. Because of the temple, we are able to have eternal families and relationships that last beyond the grave. I am so grateful for this knowledge and the peace it brings me. I am even more grateful that I get to bring this knowledge to others. Marie is set to be baptized at the end of October, bringing her and her cute family one step closer to being sealed together for all time and eternity :)
this morning we got to go to the temple and it was so nice. In our mission, we get to go every 3 months which is quite unusual and a HUGE blessing. another blessing is that I got to eat tacos after the temple. the phrase "you don't know what you have until it's gone" is so true. I miss Mexican food almost as much as I miss my family... but Hawaiian food is growing on me :) the pineapple here is seriously heaven-sent. the pineapple on the mainland just does not compare. As always, you are all in my prayers. I love you all more than I can put into words! have a great week and don't forget to smile.

1- us with our investigator & her family outside the Laie Temple Visitor's Center
2- the awesome rainbow
3- Sister Makihele (my companion) and Sister's Brandenburg & Pluim (the sister missionaries I live with.)
4&5- more pictures of the beautiful temple


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