March 25, 2019




Sister Wilford

Last week in Tomsk!

Hello, Everyone!This week has been miraculous. Even though we spent a lot of time trying to organize and get our area books ready for disposal, we were able to have some very miraculous moments. We've been meeting with Гуля, our recent convert, and she's been making some excellent progress on trying to quit smoking. She told us she stopped buying cigarettes. I'm so happy for her! We also met with an active member and she's so wonderful. She wants to do these different things to try and bring non-members to. She also knows so many less active members, so hopefully we can visit them together with her. I learned this week that I am being transferred to Барнаул! I know so many people here who have served there and now it's my turn! I'm so excited! I love Tomsk. I'm very sad to leave it. This branch is amazing. I love the members and I have a bright hope for it's future. I know I'm going to love Барнаул, and I'm so thrilled to serve with Sister Blanchard! That's right! She's from California, too! Her uncle is in the Felicita ward! I'm so stoked! I love my experiences I've had on the mission and I can't wait to have some more! I'm sorry I'm so bad at getting out weekly emails, but I'll work on it this transfer. I can't wait for summer and the many upcoming opportunities to work hard. Being a volunteer here is so much fun and I love it! I love this work and the chance I have to be a part of it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Have a wonderful week and remember that I love each and every one of you!-Sister Larson.


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