February 18, 2019




Sister MacCabe

Transfer week, Yet again!

I'll give a quick update on transfer week.

Monday we left Tomsk because Sister MacCabe needed to be there on Tuesday to go home. We went ice skating with this cool girl from Irkutsk. She's not a member, but her friend was just baptized the Saturday before and she loved hanging out with the volunteers.

Tuesday I spent with Sister Krumperman who is serving in Vladavostok right now, and she was in Novosibirsk picking up her trainee. She's awesome! We were in the MTC for 3 weeks together before I left.

Wednesday I met up with Sister Wilford and we've been together ever since! She's my new companion and we had to go renew our visas together. We flew out to Vladavostok that night with a whole bunch of Elders who are getting their visas renewed.

Thursday we got to Korea, got some fried chicken at this one place (we wanted something quick and cheep and it was both and really, really good!). Then we went to the temple and did a session there. It was so cool to experience all the changes. Really weird, too.

Friday, we did more temple work and then a senior couple invited us over for lunch. They had leftover cabbage roles, which were really good. Then we did more temple work. We had a little time before we had to leave for the airport, so one of the elders showed a group of us this one place to get Korean shave ice. It was really good! Then we got on an airplane and didn't sleep for another bajillian years.

We got to Novosibirsk Saturday morning and then took a bus back to Tomsk. It's been a really crazy week, but so much fun!

Also, thank you to the activity day girls who sent be a cute valentines day card! I hung it on the wall where I study.

I love you all and I'll talk to you next week! Bye!


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