February 4, 2019




Sister MacCabe

Bruises and Happy Groundhog Day!

Hello everyone! This week has been really busy. Last Monday with our FHE group we went ice skating! It was pretty fun. At one point I took a hard fall. I think this is what happened. I was skating along pretty fast (I've gotten pretty fast this past transfer), leaning forward, my skates slipped out from under me, but my momentum still pushed me forward. I was going fast enough that I landed on the ice on my hands and knees, and then kinda slid on my stomach for about a foot. My knees were hurting a lot, but I was able to stand up and skate around after that and didn't really have any other big falls that night. After we got home my knees were still sore. I think I bruised both of them and one of my elbows. It was fun, though!

Happy Groundhog day! I can tell ya, here in Siberia the groundhog saw his shadow. It's been -40 degrees all week! Here is a [photo] of what it looks like outside at -40 degrees. We are walking from the bus stop to the church building. Usually, you can see the church building at the point where we are walking.

There is this one less-active we've been working with and she was finally able to come to church on Sunday! She's really strong, but she's been struggling to find a way to get to church because of her job. She when she came yesterday she gave a sincere testimony and she just loves church so much.

We also had some crazy things happen yesterday. We were making plans and we called a less-active бабушка and she told us that she never wants to meet with us again and she's going to a different church. And after that phone call we called another less active бабушка and asked if we could meet and all she said was "за чем?" (which means "why?") and hung up. Then, we were going to have a meeting with this less-active family and they promised they could meet, but the mom wasn't home when we got there and whoever was home wouldn't open the door for us. Sadly, this isn't the first time we've tried to meet with them and ended this way. Then we had another lesson with yet another less active, who is currently going to a different church, but she still likes to meet with us. We talked about prayer with her, but she didn't seem as receptive to us as she had been the first time we met with her. It was a hard day to be a volunteer, but sometimes we need those to see how wonderful the rest of our time here really is.

On a high note, Zone Conference was a blast! I feel like I got more out of this zone conference than ones in the past. We had a discussion on the second coming and it was very eye opening for me. I also received a Christmas card from the Ristine family! It was so nice to hear from them! I love remembering the ward back home and knowing they are supporting the volunteers in this part of the world and other missionaries all around the world. Thank you so much! I love you all and I hope you're staying as warm as I am, or else, staying cool to combat that California Tropical Sunshine.

Lot's of Love!

Sister Larson


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