January 6, 2019




Sister MacCabe

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've written a big email, but I'm finally starting to organize my time better when I email.Update: Since most of you have last heard from me, I've moved to a new city! Now I'm in Tomsk. It's a much smaller city than Omsk, and there are a lot of young people because there is a University here that's something like one of the top 3 in Russia, or something. People from all over the world come here to study. We have a member in the branch from East Africa who speaks French as his native language, is learning Russian, and hardly speaks English. It's a bit of a struggle to communicate, but he's really cool! There is also a girl in the branch from Mexico who's in the same boat as the kid from East Africa. Spanish is her first language, she's learning Russian, and she hardly knows English. She's really sweet! Tomsk is very diverse. The miracles have really flowed this week. We met with a new potential that we met in a restaurant. She was interested that we are american and she just wanted to talk to us, not in English, but just to talk. So we talked with her. She didn't show a whole lot of interest in learning more, but she was really nice and friendly. We also got a call from another potential we met at the beginning of the transfer and we got her number, but were never able to get a reply when we called and texted. She called us on a different number and wants to meet up some time! We were really happy to hear from her because we thought we'd done something wrong to scare her away. We're meeting up with her tomorrow. I think the greatest miracle of the week happened yesterday. We were on our way to stop by a less active member and a woman sat next to me on the bus. I told her I liked her backpack and she picked up my accent right away. She asked if I was studying here and I said I'm a volunteer. She said "oh, like from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" I was a bit surprised and said "yes! how do you know about the church?" Turns out, she's a member, though less active. We've called her before and she's gone back to a православный (pravoslavny, or Russian Orthodox) church. She is so nice! It was so cool to find her because I've been praying for the courage to open my mouth and I'm receiving this blessing every day. It's so comforting to know that I can do the work the Lord needs me to with His divine help. The start of a new year is exciting for me because I feel like at this point I'm half way through my mission, I've already learned so much, and I finally have a vision for were I want to be before the end of my time here. I feel like I'm just beginning to understand the Russian Language and I can communicate and listen so much better than I could before. I'm more capable to teach and listen to the spirit and to personal revelation. I feel like I can work harder than I did before and be stronger and better. I feel like I'm being effective and a useful tool in the hand of my Father. I didn't feel this way last week. I know it's only through His power that I'm able to feel this way now. I am so full of gratitude for the opportunity to be here and to have this knowledge and to do His work.I love you all and I hope you haven't been worried about me. I've been growing a lot and I love serving here in Russia. Love,Sister Larson


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