September 3, 2018




Sister Tucker

Visa trip and a birthday

Hello everyone!This week has been a little crazy. On Tuesday we took a train from Omsk to Novosibirsk (my first day train!) and that night I got on a plane with 3 other volunteers to go to Korea! While we were there we went to the temple! We stayed in the hostle next to the temple and we did temple work! It was so much fun! We went to this restaurant for dinner and had a variety of odd Korean side dishes and pork shoulder. It was weird, but also tasty. Then we went to this ice cream place for dessert and we got this ice cream dish that was off of a block of ice cream onto a plate. It was really light, and cold, and really good! We got coconut flavor and they served it with frozen pineapple!In the Temple we did inititories, sealings, and 2 endowment sessions. I missed being in the temple so much! We got back to Novosibirsk Thursday evening and left on another day train Friday morning. It was a crazy trip!Sister Tucker's birthday was yesterday and she had an excellent birthday! She was dreading it, but that changed the day of. She bought flowers the day before and handed them out to people at church. It was really funny because the бабушки kept wishing her a lot of children. Russians wish for people to have good future things on their birthdays. That night we made her favorite cake, Texas sheet cake. And she loved it! Happy birthday my awesome companion! This week has been crazy, but awesome!I miss you all and I love you. Have a good week!-Sister Larson


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