August 6, 2018




Sister Tucker

Super Epic P Day and the rest of the week

Ok, so after I emailed last week, we went to a sushi restraurant because I'd never had sushi before and the whole world loves sushi, so I had to see what I was missing. I learned that sushi is really good! And, it's really cheep in Russia and really expencive in the US, so I might be eating a lot of sushi here because I might never find it as cheep as in Russia. After Sushi, we went to a park and rented some bikes for an hour. It was reall great because the weather was cooler so we didn't get super hot while riding. It was really fun because it's been way too long since I've ridden a bike. Then we talked to the person who rented the bikes to us and invited him to Sports night at the church building. He said he works a lot but that he was really interested. Hopefully he can get him to come some time!Then we went to the Russian Renik, which is like an outdoor clothing mall. Everything is imported from china, so nothing is that worth buying, but it's fun to look. Then we went to the Provoslovny temple. It's interesting. There are large paintings of Jesus and some of the apostles and Mary, and they have candels burning, and everything is decorated in gold, and you have to have your hair covered if you're a girl, so we brought scarves. They also have some kind of gift shop thing were you can buy rings and icons and the Russian Bible. Definetly not like our temples.We ended our day by going to the mall and getting Cinabon. I got a pecan bun. It was really good and reminded me of home a bit. That was our epic P Day! It was really fun! Hopefully there will be more epic P Days down the road. Other than that, we had a normal, busy week.We did some service for a бабушка we met on the street. She has a garden behind a bakery that we helped tend. It was fun!2 of our investigators were at church yesterday. We taught a lesson with one of them after church. Omsk turned 302 years old this weekend and there was all kinds of things on the street for that. I bought my very first matroshki doll! It's really pretty and there are 10 little ones inside!That's about all we did this week, besides teaching lessons and stuff. I hope you all have a good week too!-Sister Larson


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