June 24, 2018




Email time!

Sorry this update is so late, I have computers that don't want to cooperate. haha!---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alexiana Larson <>
Date: Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 9:44 PM
Subject: Email time!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't get an email out last week. I have some cool stuff to talk about this week, though!Firstly, have you ever heard of slamming? It's not bad, even though slamming sounds violent. Anyway, it's usually done with Austrailian Tim Tams, but we don't have those here in Russia. Instead we have комтики (komtiks). Basically, it's a cookie covered in chocolate and you bite a hole in each end, then suck up a drink through the cookie and then you have a soggy cookie, but it's really good! Usually, you can slurp up milk or warm tea, but Hot Chocolate is the absolute best. Next, Shwarma is a thing and I found it. It's here in Russia! My companion called it a Middle eastern burrito, and she's right. It usually has chicken and vegetables and some kind of super good sauce that they squirt on there. It's all so good! one day I will make it at home. Another thing I really need to talk to you about that I keep forgetting about is Mail. I can get email. Email is the absolute best way to contact me. If you want to send me a paper letter you can do so, but it probably wont get to me for a really long time. The same for packages. If you really want to send me a package you can, if you're alright with me not getting it for up to 4 months after you send it and it could cost over a hundred dollars and I might not get it at all. So you can send me stuff physically, or you can rely on email. That's about all I have time for. 
I love you all!Alexiana Larson
PS, This was sent from my Russian email, so now you all have the address that is better to send to.


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