May 30, 2018



First time doing this

Ok, Let's see if this works.

Hello! This is my last P Day in the MTC! Wow. Has it really been 9 weeks already? I feel like I just got here.

Sunday devotional was AWESOME!!!!!!!! It was about Who Christ is. Basically, it was about how big the Universe is and how big stars are and how many stars there are and how many galaxies there are and how big space is and Jesus build all that and how we take His name upon us and that's who we represent and it was just so awesome! I was really happy. I love space!

I got my travel plans! I'm flying to Novosibirsk on June 4th, arriving on June 6th at 4:50 in the morning. Hurray! I'm planning on sleeping and studying Russian. I am really excited. I wasn't so excited when I got my travel plans, but I've gotten over the shock of going to Russia and I'm ready to serve the Lord. We'll see how this email system turns out. There might be some bugs I have to work out on my end, but it shouldn't be too hard. 

Love you all!

Alexiana Larson

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Reggie Larson says:
I'll send you a screenshot of what it looks like online. It shows up in the Called to Serve app is very similar to this.
on May 30, 2018

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