June 4, 2013


Provo Missionary Training Center


I love the MTC!!

Hey! :)

Ahhh! I don't even no where to begin.... I guess from the very beggining! I told you a little bit about what happened when I was dropped off so I will start from there. Umm they dropped all my stuff off in my room I got the top bunk, and grayson I don't like the sheets at all and it is really hard to sleep but I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and it doesn't stop, we are always doing something. I am so grateful for a break on my P-day but we are still doing lots offv fun things like going to the temple. They took me too my classroom were I met my teachers. I have 4 main teachers and then a few other teachers come and go whenever. There names are Sister Barrus, Brother Battylin, Sister Parvatto, and Brother Hales, I love them so much! My spirit has grown so much these past days and I have only begun my journey! I can't wait to learn more. I met my district we have 8 Sisters and 4 Elders, Sister Represent ;) My district has people that are going to Kentucky and South Carolina. Elder Hatch, Nolls, Crossen, Osthler, Sister Banks (Thats me), Sister Jones, and Sister Robinson are all going to South Carolina. Sister Byers, Davidson, Reeder, Kerr, and Saunders are all going to Kentucky! I love them we are so close and I am going to miss them so much. We got are flight planes and we will be leaving at 1 Am monday morning to go to Atlanta and then South Carolina! I can't wait! I love it here, I love how happy everybody is, it is kinda stressful trying to figure out what to teach my investagators that are role playing but I know that the lord will bless me with the spirit to help me every step of the way! I have been spiritually strectched lots and lots! I dont have a lot of time left i wish that I could tell you more but I am almost out of time. I promise I am writing everything down in my journal so I can tell you all about my adventures!

I love Y'all!
Sister Banks


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