July 16, 2018


Cedar Ridge Ward/Broken Arrow


Sister Leany

Fire Trucks and Car dealer Ships

What an intesting week I have had....
Our Carbon Monoxide detector went off first thing saturday morning. This is a bummer because in order to follow missionary protocol we have to call 911 and have them send the fire depatment and check. So we did that, (we took a selfie with the truck), and they told us that there was nothing in appt and we should just change the batteries or get a new detector and we were all on our way.
Well, the Saga does not end there, because it happens AGAIN sunday morning. We couldn't get the batery out so we were just waiting for today to handle the situation but it went off yesterday morning, and we were told we had to follow the same protocol, so we are justing sitting outside our apartment AGAIN, sitting on a gerny while they take our vitals and check our apartment twice. Still nothing. Just a couple of sad sisters waiting in the rain hahaha

We also, get entertained very easily so in our mail one day we found one of those things from the car dealership that you scratch off and if you the numbers match then you win something. And our numbers matched and we figured it was just like five dollars but we went for it anyway! and we went on our dinner break when we didn't have a dinner and the sales guy who helped us (and we did get a five dollar gift card to target thanks) ended up having a lot of questions for us. So we answered them and pretty much taught the restoration of the church sitting in the dealership and left him with a book of Mormon and our number. And it was so cool, but people hardly ever text back. BUT not five minutes later HE DID. So we had an appointment made for last night, but his brother got admitted to the hospital so it fell through, but we are still very hopeful!

Other than that it's just been a good crazy hectic week as we try to meet everyone and work hard! Our relief society president is amazing though, and she has made it so that she comes out with us to visit less active members twice a week, and she and her husband also helped us move this electric piano into our appartment which has been SO nice. One of our members was just sending it to the dump. But She and her husband went and picked it up for us, and then the Elders helped move it upsairs. It was so awesome!!
ALSO I SAW MY FIRST FIREFLY THIS WEEK! Those things are the coolest!!

I hope everyone has had a great week!

Go read Helamen 14:30-31 (it was answer to my prayers)

Love you all!!

The picture bellow of the note was something left by the elders. We needed the car, so they tied the key to the center of the ceiling fan and made a chandler out of cans and wrote us an epic story about it. So enjoy that!
Much love!
Sister Wilde


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