March 10, 2020


Cerro, Paso Molino


Hermana Kneeland

Cooking LOTS and Being the BEST

HEYYYY FAMILY (ya'll are fam)

This week was such a great week, among other things we made Gnocchi, and bread with the bishops wife! We were so lucky to have such amazing hermanas that were willing to help us learn the ways of the Uruguayos. They love. their. PAN :) And Now we know how to bake it.

I Learned sooooo much about what it means to do our very best. Not my companions best or BOBs best, but MY own best! The lord expects that we give our all. I read a talk this week and I loved one quote "No son nuestros exitos, sino mas bien nuestro sacrificio y esfuerzo, lo que importa al senor" (It's not our successes that matter to the Lord, rather our sacrifices and efforts that truly matter to Him.) This Sunday we saw this in a testimony the wife of a recent convert, Shirly, a month ago we challenged them to read the BofM before general conference as a family, they were in 1 Nephi, so it would take about 10 pages everyday. She said that it wasn't easy, but that every night they sat down and did it! This Sunday she bore her testimony on how the peace and love in her home had grown and that as a family they were able to overcome the little problems they were having with a more Christ like attitude. This is a success!! They made the sacrifice and effort to strengthen their testimonies and now they can see this great success! The Lord only expects that we try, and give all we have. I know that He is there during every step of that journey, giving us strength to overcome any blisters or bumps. We can also be like Shirlys family, giving all our effort even when it's hard, knowing that is our efforts that matter the most to the Lord. He loves us so much!

We got changes (my last change in the mission 😱) and we will be staying together!! I love Hermana Kneeland and we will have another great change! BUT we got news that we will be sharing the area with a set of elders!! I just can't escape sharing a ward with elders!! Haha!!! That makes it that all my areas have been shared with elders.... The lord wants me to learn something here! haha

I hope you all have a great week and know just know true this gospel is. Keep sharing it. Keep being an example of the believers. Keep it up!!

Love you all!!
Hermana Anderson

Making Gnocchi & bread with bishops wife. She's amazing!!
Fun find on the streets of Cerro!
Just some cool Hermana's ready for some tracting in the sun!
Me and some amazing Sister Training Leaders at a conference last week. We got to stay in the apartment by the mission home.
I got the sweetest package from the "Activity Day Girls" from my ward....Seriously made my day!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!


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