March 2, 2020


Cerro, Paso Molino


Hermana Kneeland

Oatmeal Cookies & Missionary Work

Hola Family and Friends!!

This week was such a great one. We decided that we were going to make oatmeal cookies (because the Uruguayans don't know what they are) and take them to the different members that we visit during the week and share a message about missionary work. They were so happy! And we were able to help them feel more excited about this great work!! We felt the same joy that Nephi talks about in Helaman 6:3-5: "And they did a fellowship one with another, and did rejoice one with another, and did have great joy." Each member of the church has a testimony, whether new or old and that is enough to share! In Helaman, The lamanites shared the story of their conversion to the Nephites and saw miracles! ALOT of the nephites were converted to the Lord because of the great testimony and conversion of the Lamanites..... and we know that they were not always the example in the Book of Mormon! But they decided to change and come unto Christ, and were so happy! This outward happiness drew the Nephites to know what they could do to change and have that same happiness on the inside!! :)

We had a wonderful experience with change this week! We have been teaching this man named Orlando, He is the neighbor of a member who is also his good friend. We have had some great charlas with him. He would always listen but he never wanted to commit, especially with coming to church. But this last Charla we had, everything changed! He told us that he wanted to come closer to Christ, but that it was hard because of all the distractions that are always surrounding him, (work, doubts, etc) We read the scripture in Alma 61:16 with him about obedience to the commandments and he understood! He explained the scripture to us after wards! It was so awesome because at the end of the charla we left him with one and he just kept telling us how much he LOVED his Book of Mormon!!! It was so funny! We invited him to Stake Conference and he came!!! I know that the Book of Mormon has so much power, to change hearts and desires! That is why the Lord has restored it in our day, so that we can have the power to make these changes! I love the Book of Mormon, just like Orlando, and know it is the truth! :)

I love you all!
Hermana Anderson

Fun lunch with our district!
Spreading the word with oatmeal cookies
Noche de Hogar with this amazing family Amarillo! They made pudding with peaches and bananas!
Classic walking pic. That is what we do best! (Yes we are linking arms, its a dangerous area...)
We went to the feria, (farmers market) To buy our weekly fruit! It was so awesome!! :)
We bought a greek style taco in the street. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.


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