February 24, 2020


Cerro, Paso Molino


Hermana Kneeland

Lots of Questions

HEY HEY HEY! How are you all? I hope that this week was wonderful just like you all are! :)

We had a really good week here in Montevideo! Hermana Kneeland and I have too much fun together and have so much in common we creep ourselves out sometimes, so we are felizes!
This week I had a different goal than I had ever had in the mission, ask LOTS of questions! Specifically, think of a new question everyday to study and use throughout the day! :) This was because the best way to start a good conversation with someone is by asking an inspired question.... I'm still working on the inspired part so I thought that I would at least think of the questions first! :) Here are some of the ones that taught me the most!
- Can I be true? (to what I believe)
- Why church/religion?
- How do we receive knowledge from God?
- Have miracles ceased?
This week was really special because of these questions. I know that the Lord guided us to specific people that also had these questions and we had studied the answers so the spirit could fill our mouths! :)

We had a really amazing experience this week. One afternoon we had some charlas fall through so we started looking for other plans, and just started walking. We felt prompted to turn down a street, which we had walked down yesterday (usually we don't walk down streets that we had walked down the day before so that was already a little weird for us). We realized that we were really close to the house of a less active and decided to go! We got to the house and clapped, her brother came out telling us she wasn't there and at the same time the brother came out another woman came from around the side of the house. She came right up to us, looking like she had been crying. She asked us if we could come in and share something with her because she needed some comfort right now. We went in and sang for her. :) Turns out that she had moved back home that day because she broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years, she was in an emotionally abusive relationship and had just been praying to find guidance and then we showed up. She told us that she just knew that we were sent of God when she heard someone clap at the door. We had an amazing spiritual moment with her, testifying of Jesus Christ as our Savior that He knows our pain and past, He also knows how to succor us! We challenged her to read the Book of Mormon so she could come to know her Savior. The spirit was so strong.

I know that the Lord guides us! We just need to be willing to do things we don't usually do and have Faith that he knows what he is doing. He is a lot wiser than us! 10 times wiser. I'm so grateful that we walked down the street we did that day and didn't let our own thoughts get in the way. :) I know that Heavenly Father was watching out for his daughter that day and was guiding us. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much, enough to send his son! I'm so grateful for this great knowledge, I would not be were I am today without it! I feel so grateful to be able to serve our Heavenly Father during a time of great darkness and confusion because the gospel brings such LIGHT! :) I know that we can gain the needed guidance in our lives thanks to this gospel. I know that miracles have NOT ceased thanks to this gospel. I know that we need religion to teach us what our Heavenly Father wants us to know to save us, thanks to this gospel!

I love you all!
Hermana Anderson

Divisions in a city by the river called Playa Pascual with this amazing Hermana Carlos from Peru. Even with our cool matching watches.
Lunch as a Zone today at a yummy restaurant called Dos Avenidas.
My amazing companion Hermana Kneeland and I.
We were so lucky this week to have the Senior Missionaries the Baileys stop by and do Apartment saftey check and then they took us to dinner :)
After a long day of work this CHIVITO hit the spot!


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