February 10, 2020


Cerro, Paso Molino


Hermana Kneeland

Sick Blessings or SICK BLESSINGS!!!!

HELLO Family and Friends,

How goes it? I hope you all had a wonderful week!
This week was one to remember!
-We had our monthly Leadership Conference on Tuesday, which was SO good! We talked all about members! You all are so amazing and the missionaries NEED you!
-We found 50 PESOS on the ground! And now its taped on our wall for luck! :)
-Also my wonderful companion almost died this week.... She ended up getting strep throat, fever and all! So we took a day to rest a little bit and she got feeling better enough to go to a great charla we had planned at the temple!

We are teaching a family of Peruvians! They have 2 kids, 12 and 4 years old who are soo cute! We took them to the temple this week to do a tour and get to see the temple. We walked around the temple grounds and talked about what it is that we do in that beautiful building! :) Ingrid (the wife) told us that at every corner of the gardens she took a deep breath to soak it all in because of the great peace that was there! It is true, the peace and joy we felt was tangible. At the end of the tour, we actually ran into the Stake President from Paysandu! Justo! He was there working in the temple that week. We actually were able to have a charla with the family and him, which he bore his testimony of eternal families! It was incredible to see just how personal our Heavenly Father is! He knew that this family would need this testimony, because afterwards they told us just how much they loved what he said and how they felt! :)

The highlight of the week was the visit of Elder Uchtdorf and his wife! It was incredible! We were each able to shake his hand and when we took a picture as the mission me and my companion got to stand right behind him! :) I loved what he shared with us. He talked about conversion, and about our personal love for the gospel! If we truly study and learn more about Jesus Christ and His gospel then our hearts will be filled with love. Not only that, but we will begin to gain a testimony that is truly what brings JOY! I loved what he said about us missionaries, we are an extension of his arms! Not just his but of the prophet and of course Christ! He said, "We are only 12 apostles, we need you all! You are our extension here in Uruguay!" He also helped us understand that the question of our generation isn't, which religion is true... but WHY do we even need it! I loved that! It is so true! He is inspired of God specifically to lead the missionary work in all the world right now! I know that He is an apostle of God, because of the feelings I was able to have. It was an incredible experience! :) Favorite quote: " This is a heart to heart kind of gospel."

I know that Jesus Christ is at the head of His church! I know that Heavenly Father has prepared a perfect plan for me and for YOU! He knows us individually and personally, enough to Save our very Souls! I love Him!

I hope you all can find the reasons why you LOVE this gospel and LOVE your savior this week! It is Valentine's Day on Friday! I invite you all to share these reasons why you LOVE is gospel!! You will share lots of love by doing it! :)
I love each of you so much!!
Have a wonderful week!!

LOVE, Your, Hermana Anderson


Ready to hear from Elder Uchtdorf
The streets of Cerro
This cute girl wanted a picture with the missionaries & her doll
Huge McDonalds by our we have not eaten there 😉
50 Pesos we found on the ground
My amazing ward youth group sent me letters. Heaven on Earth!!
Homemade Burgers for lunch TASTY...with authentic sweet Homemade Alfajore cookies


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