January 28, 2020


Paysandu, Uruguay


Hermana Ribera

BYE Zorrilla

I hope this week was a good one for all!

This week was exciting, We received changes! I will be going to Cerro, Paso Molino! It is a little city right outside of Montevideo! I'm going to be opening area with Hermana Kneeland from California! I'm so excited!! It will be an ADVENTURE! :)
I have completely adored my time here in Paysandu! It is bittersweet to be leaving such a huge area and such a wonderful ward! God truly does desire our happiness :) What ever the lord wants, I'm totally good with!

This last week in Zorrilla was a super good one! We had a lot of hard working days, of contacting everyone that moved and sweating our little eyeballs out. But we were able to see MIRACLES from it! Three little miracles we saw were:

- While we were walking home one day a car stopped us on the side of the road telling us that they had seen us walk by their house the other day and were hoping that we would talk to them, but for whatever reason, that day we didn't stop to talk to them! It was a man asking us to visit his son who was going through a really hard time and he wanted us to visit him so that he could get regrounded in his life, (he was having problems with drugs). We wrote down the address and went the next day! Turns out that his son got released from prison 4 months ago, he is 28 years old and just wants to know what to do in his life to not make the same mistakes! We had a really powerful lesson on the restoration with him. The spirit was so powerful as we were able to testify of the power the Book of Mormon has to testify not only of this restoration but also the power to change our lives and hearts. I know that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on the earth and that by reading it we can become closer to our heavenly father!

- We met this little 10 year old boy named Brian, in the street the other day. We started talking to him about prayer and what he though of God. He got super excited and wanted to know exactly how to pray so we wrote out the steps! We went back to visit him yesterday and sang I am a Child of God with him and he just loved it. It was the sweetest experience to see how the spirit testifies even to the littlest of hearts! The power of the song I am a Child of God is unbearable! We were all surprised at how the peace filled the room as we began to sing about Heavenly Father leading and guiding us. I know that he has a perfect plan! :)

- This week we also were able to have a charla with a recent convert, Melany! We took her to a charla with a girl we are teaching and she surprised us with her powerful testimony! We talked about reading the Book of Mormon and asked her how she knew that the church was true. She said that it was not a one moment answer but that over the few weeks we taught her she had many testimonies!! That she was able to feel peace every time she did what we asked her too do, the commitments we left! The gospel changes lives. No doubt about it!!

I'm so grateful for the adventure that is life! We each are here for a divine purpose and it is centered in Jesus Christ, As we strive to know him, we will become more like him. That is the adventure of this life, learning from our mistakes and continuing forward! :) I loved how Elder Uchdorf put it in his talk "Your Great Adventure" from this conference! I hope you all can find time to read it!

I love you all so much!! Have a great week!
Love, Hermana Anderson

Delishous pan con dulce de leche, costed like 1 cent each!
Mia, a chicha we are teaching!
Brain and his cousin!
The last district meeting with Elder Alsop and Elder Jex
Watermelon party, the only way to beat the heat!
Some members from this amazing ward!
Last picture with Hermana Ribera
The ward telling us goodbye


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