January 13, 2020


Paysandu, Uruguay


Hermana Ribera

The Spirit fills better than FREE FOOD

HEY Fam and Friends!! How are you all?? I hope you were able to have a great week!

This week was one full of HOT days, great experiences and actually lots of free food! The weather here is very Loco, some days it rains cats and dogs and the next day its 90 degrees! One of the days as we left in the morning with our umbrellas (just in case) it was the spirit that helped us be prepared because we got caught in the biggest rain storm ever!

As we were running home a woman spotted us from her doorstep and she called for us to come in. It ended up being the mom of one of the people we are teaching! She gave us towels to dry off and we got talking to her family and she told us that she was so happy and grateful that we are teaching her son Lucas, "It is what he needs," she said. We started sharing about the miracle of the Book of Mormon. How it really helps us feel closer to God and that it contains the plan of salvation. We have been focusing on the Book of mormon with her son, Lucas and we testified how this is the way he will begin to feel differently in his life by trusting in God and reading these scriptures. She opened up to us about how stressed she was about her family, she has 4 teenage boys. She wants to help them prevent all the temptations that come in living in this world, drugs, trouble, etc. We were able to testify to her of the plan of salvation, that our loving Father in Heaven knows her worries and because of this he provided a way to be safe from all that! The gospel of Jesus Christ! We taught her how to pray because she had never prayed before, in saying her first prayer she started crying, she just told us how good she felt. :) It was such an amazing experience. I know that the spirit was touching her heart helping her know that her Father in Heaven was listening and that she really was talking to Him. She was so sweet and made us some little "banana donuts," because its tradition here to make tortas fritas when it rains, or fry something when it rains...haha!

I'm honestly so grateful for each experience that we were able to have this week. We were blessed to see progress in the people that we are teaching! They are having spiritual experiences of their own, and any missionary out there knows that that is the real test! When the person reads on their own and feels the peace that comes or when they pray to know if the church is true and have an experience! These are the happiest days, when they recognize the Spirit for themselves!!

When was the last time you had a spiritual experience? Or really felt the spirit? Have you written it down? I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers! I know he loves each of us! :)

Yummy Tortas Fritas "banana donuts"
Sweet family that saved us from the rain and fed us
Me :)
People giving us cross stitched dolls in the fun
Me again with a flag I found in my apartment
Pday fun...bunch of missionaries headed to the beach...oh wait we can't swim
We just hang on the grass...LOL
I love you all!
Have a great week!!
Hermana Anderson


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