January 6, 2020


Paysandu, Uruguay


Hermana Ribera


Hey Family and Friends!
As I look back on this week I realize that it was 50% conference and 50% "normal days"! We had Leadership Conference and Multi-zone Conference, and with P-day on Wednesday last week we basically had a conference every other day! It was amazing. Talk about spiritual high :)

So why do we serve missions? Why does the church send 18-19 year olds out, all around the world? Why would the Lord choose this group of people in the church to do such important work? To learn new languages or skills? To add numbers to the wards and branches? The question has lots of answers to be honest, But I loved the answer that President Dunford shared with me. "It is to strengthen the rising generation." As we know, the life of a 18-19 year old youth isn't the easiest, the darts of the devil are the most fiery while we are trying to make some of the most important decisions of our life. The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he revealed to his Prophet that the age should be lowered and now we can see the fruits. Our purpose as missionaries is to bring others to Jesus Christ, through making and keeping covenants, wherever they may be on that journey. All of it revolves around the first covenant we make with Heavenly Father, El Bautismo or Baptism. :)

The Lord has always commanded us to be born again, through water and fire. Each of Gods children have the chance to be born again, to leave the world and sin behind by starting with a sincere desire to serve and love HIM. It is a second chance that the Lord has made possible through His infinite sacrifice, and it keeps giving. Each week we can renew our commitment to love and serve God as we go to church and partake of the sacrament! How Beautiful! Our rebirth can turn into a weekly occasion. We can be born again every single week! This is what Heavenly Father wants for us! He wants to help us reach our divine potential and does so by making these promises with us! So Am I ready to commit to do better every week? I know that this is the only way that we have to truly become more Christlike, or achieve the potential that God has sent us here to Achieve. It is through baptism and enduring faithfully to the end! I love the part in Mosiah 18 that says that after Alma had taught the people about this covenant that they "clapped their hands in joy". Do we clap our hands in joy to repent and become better?

I know that Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. He is the one who can comfort us and help us overcome ourselves. This is HIS work, we are just tools in his hands. We can receive guidance in our lives! I am so grateful for the spirit, so that we can feel peace and know what we need to do in our lives! :)

Hermana Anderson

Picture fun with President Dunford.
I am officially Brazilian, We made Stroganoff.
This week we also got an amazing reference!! Graciela and Maia!
Hermana Ribera and I at Multi-Zone Conference
Loved seeing Hermana Lobos
My amazing companion & the elder that photo bombed us (thanks for the braids Hermana)
Leadership Conference


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