November 25, 2019


Paysandu, Uruguay


Hermana Taufatofua

Its not awkward unless you make it.....

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

How are you all doing? I hope you have had a great week!

This week was great, we had divisions and a mission conference with an area seventy, President De Oyos and his wife! They taught us about the 3 most important things missionaries should remember in order to have the most amount of success. They shared what Elder Neil Anderson taught: Be Pure, Be obedient and Be Busy! We are more than just missionaries, we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we should act like Him in every way! These 3 things will help us achieve that! :) We are called to represent the Savior of the World, what a privilege!

In the light of Thanksgiving week, I want to share some Tender Mercies of the week:
- Getting a reference from someone we are teaching, with out us asking! He sent us a text telling us that he shared with his friend about what we have been teaching and that his friend wants to learn more! We went and met him and he was SO amazing!
- Despite the awkward moments that happen in the week of the missionaries, we found some amazing people to teach!! One woman who went to church with her grandma before she passed away and wanted to come back but felt scared to until we found her in the street!
- Elevators!!! We live on the 6th floor of our apartment building.
- The Book of Mormon! Without it, it would be so impossible to get answers to my prayers AND it testifies that Jesus Christ came to the Americas! How Incredible!
- Oreos in South America.
- Sun hats for the super strong Uruguay sol!!
- Hermana Taufatofua, Shes an amazing companion! Teaches me something new everyday, especially how to not make things awkward when you run into a tree and everyone sees!
- My Savior! Who gives me the chance to be saved from my sins and gives me strength to change! I'm so grateful for the chance to represent the Lord here in Uruguay. I know He lives and loves us. -We are children of a loving Father in Heaven, we have endless worth....for that I'm grateful!

I hope you all can have a great week and find ways to share your gratitude with everyone and especially our father in heaven! :) Mosiah 2:19 when we serve others we serve Our Heavenly Father.
I love you all!
Hermana Anderson

Sweet Sister in our Branch
The Hermana's
I loved seeing Hermana Lobos
The awesome Hermana's we did divisions with
Our view from the 6th floor
Hermana Taufatofua bought a sun is a must here. Thank you Sister Armstrong for mine ;-}
Like I said so grateful for Elevators...but we LOVE living on the 6th floor!!


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