November 18, 2019


Paysandu, Uruguay


Hermana Taufatofua

This is MY drug

Hola Mi querida familia y amigos!
How are you all?
This week was a great one! It is getting VERY hot here, we are in the middle of Uruguay and so it gets really hot here, but hey, VAMOS ARRIBA. We broke out the sun hats and sunscreen so I think we will survive! :) Luckily someone we are teaching makes some really delicious homemade slushies that make the heat bearable. Tender Mercies without a doubt.
This week we had an amazing Charla with our dear friend Mauricio, who is preparing for baptism. He inspires me in every way. He has stopped just about every addiction that you can think of in order to come unto Christ. He told us that he tried to give his all to Christ but with out a way to follow it was impossible. It is amazing to me how when we teach the Restoration to the elect they understand it and rejoice! Just like it says in the Book of mormon, the righteous take the truth and use it to their benefit. (1 Nephi 16). Mauro is a perfect example of that! He gained a testimony of José Smith and rejoices in the fact that through him God restored his power and church on the earth today! We were talking this week about the power of the Book of Mormon and prayer, that helps us overcome temptation and darts of the devil. We had a member in the Charla with us and he bore a strong testimony of how the Book of Mormon has strengthen him and then was like "This book is your drug now!" We all laughed but it's so true!! Que poder que tiene El Libro de Mormon!! The book of mormon was written for our day and our benefit, and carries a power and promise. I know that through the Book of Mormon we can find the strength to overcome our deepest struggles and addictions. Through it we can become more Christ like people and find more spirit in our life. I love the Book of Mormon and know that it is true! Mauro has found this strength, he sends us a text message every day asking for new scriptures to read!

We had a Sunday miracle too!! This Sunday we came in to church and saw a woman with her baby stroller sitting in the sacrament meeting, we went to sit by her because she was all alone. Upon getting closer, we realized it was a woman we had talked to and invited to church over a month ago!!! She told us that she really needed some help because her baby had been sick all week and so she came, believing that God would help her. We were able to ask for a priesthood blessing for her and her baby! As she was walking out of church, after the meetings she told us that she already felt better!! :) We now have a service project lined up to help her clean her house! We were soo excited to have her come! The Lord works in mysterious ways :)

I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World!
I love you all!
Hermana Anderson

Abby looking so Happy on Pday today
When I left the CCM the CCM President wife gave me a little package and I forgot about it til now. I opened it and it is a nativity from Colombia. 🙂 What a treasure and fun to get ready for the Holiday season. ❤️
Taking in the beatiful flowers
Mission Tag Picture
Breaking out the sunscreen & hats


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