October 21, 2019


Paysandu, Uruguay


Hermana Taufatofua

Third Greatest Sin

Hola Family and Friends!!

How are you all doing? I hope fall is treating you all well, eating plenty of pumpkin spice and getting ready for the fun festivities of Halloween. Here in Paysandu we are having a wonderful time! Hermana Taufatofua is amazing and we have been blessed IMMENSELY! No tricks only treats ;) They call it the Oro power, when new missionaries start the mission they bring with them a pure faith that in turn brings about miracles!

This week we were blessed with Rain, LOTS of it. One day in particular we started planing for our day and both of us had a person come to mind, the same person, named Eric. We talked about him and remembered that we had a visit with him on Sunday because he works during the week and cannot receive us so it was a little weird that he would be coming to our minds. So we continued planning and ignored this prompting. We left and went about the day normal. Around 6 o'clock in the afternoon, all of our Charlas had fallen through and we had nothing planned. Hermana Taufatofua asked if we were going to go to Eric, because she had forgotten that we planned not to, and at this point it couldn't be a coincidence. We followed the prompting to go and visit his house, maybe he would be home for some reason. When we knocked on the door, his wife answered with his little 6 year old son, she welcomed us in!! It turned out that her son has a form of Autism and ADHD that makes him really difficult, he has a lot of energy all the time, but he is a cutie. She told us that she had been feeling really alone and was overwhelmed with her son and that his medications were not improving his situation. We were able to be there for her right when she needed it, we could tell that she was exhausted. The spirit was so powerful as we testified of the power of prayer and the Book of Mormon and of the Savior, because He truly does know each of our pains, each thing that overwhelms us and He understands perfectly. She told us she had never prayed but would try to! We ended up coming back a few days later and she had read the part in the Book of Mormon we had left and told us how much it helped her feel at peace! :) It was a huge miracle. Not only finding her but that she read and felt the power of the Book of Mormon. I'm grateful for the spirit in this great work, that truly does guide us :) I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It has strengthened me so much in the mission and in my life! It is amazing to see peoples lives improve as they read this amazing book!! :)

SOOO this week we also decided to do a little service for some people we are teaching by making some m&m cookies, YUM!!! We made enough to fill two containers full and decided to bring one with us to church to be able to take it to our person after church. We also had to bring a bag of clothes to give to a member. We had decided to leave the clothes bag with the cookies inside, outside the church building REALLY quick so we could go get one of our other investigators to come to church. When we came back after like 7 minutes the bag was GONE!!!! We were so SHOCKED!! I mean lesson learned, don't leave anything outside the church in Uruguay! We told the Elders later and Elder Jex said "I think that is the THIRD GREATEST SIN.... Stealing someones homemade cookies outside of a church"!!! We had a great laugh😄

I'm so happy to be here in Paysandu! I know that each of us are a Child of God and I know that this is His gospel! I hope you all pray and read your Book of Mormon this week! Remember that faith is action!! Our knowledge of Jesus Christ leads us to act in love for our Savior. Got faith?

Love you all!!
Hermana Anderson

Making M&M Cookies 😋
An Amazing Member made us Chicken Crepe Sandwhiches
We might have been a little to daring and bought Icecream in a bag from off the streets 😱
Beautiful Paysandu sunset
Can you see our Church in the background
Yep this is where I sleep
AWEEEEE this cutie is Alyssa she is an investigators daughter. She is so cute!!
Hermana Taufatofua and I in front of the church


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