September 23, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Bridal Showers and the Fruit Bus

Hola Familia Y Amigos!

Como Estan?? I hope that this week was another great one. This week for us was great! We had our zone conference in Montevideo, after a long 8 hour bus ride we had a great time learning with the other missionaries. It was a conference focused on revelation. How we can have the spirit more in our lives so that we can be worthy of constant revelation :) President Dunford had all of us study the part in PMG about the different fruits of the spirit, how it always speaks with a still small voice, guides us through our feelings and inspires us! I love Moroni 7, that really helps us figure out what this voice is, how it motivates us to do good, to love God and to be better!

We also had bridal shower for Gecica, It was super great! We played a rock, paper, scissors game and another game with a hola hoop, everyone was laughing and having a great time! Pictures included! :)

Tender mercy of the week: The other day we were visiting Gecica and we were talking about how its going with her smoking. She's been trying to stop smoking for the past 2 months and has gotten down to only 1 a day and she told us that she doesn't even smoke because she wants to, its just because its a habit. She started telling us that she read in the 14 steps to addiction recovery that she can try eating oranges every day because it helps with the desire to smoke! Right as we were talking about this we heard the music of the fruit bus!! The fruit bus is the coolest thing, its basically the ice cream man but with fruit! :) We waved down the bus so that we could buy oranges for her! After we got the oranges the owners of the bus, (who are our friends, we taught them for a bit a few months ago) offered us a ride back into town! It was such a blessing and we also got to catch up with these people that we were teaching. God is always aware of us!

I know that the Lord is truly so aware of us, he loves us perfectly and wants us to be happy. I know as we follow the spirit and try to follow him, he will lead us to the people that need the gospel and in the end of the day we will realize that we are the people that God wants us to be! :)

Love you ALL!!!!
Sister Anderson

Playing games at the Bridal Shower
The Bride to be Gecica
Gecica, Mom, and her sister and neice and nephew
On our walk to Artigas, Uruguay.
The city over the bridge from Quarai. This is where I write my emails every week. It takes an hour to walk there.


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