September 16, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

What should we Do?

Oi a todos!!

I hope you are are doing well!

This week was a fun one! Here in Quarai there are lots of Gauchos or cowboys, we are in the south of Brazil so makes sense! Yesterday they had a huge parade to celebrate the history of Quarai and Rio Grande do Sul! It was super amazing! Everyone was dressed as gauchos, with gaucho music and gaucho dancing.

Also this week we got the MARRIAGE confirmed! If you all remember, about 2 months ago I wrote about a couple that we are teaching that proposed in church after sunday school.... WELL Now they have a date in the court house to get married!! Next week on the 27th of September they will be getting married! It such a miracle because everything worked out just right. It just so happened that Johnathan was out of the city working and was planning on coming into town to go start the process of the marriage (because it takes 15 days). That day it ended up raining a ton and his motorcycle ended up breaking down!! He called Gecica (the fiance) and let her know of the situation. He got up the courage to talk to his boss and his boss OFFERED to drive him into town!! It was a huge miracle! Everything fell into place perfectly :) I know that the Lord had his hand in thier lives and was helping them! Now Gecica and her 2 kids will be able to take this step of Faith, Baptism! :)

Often times in the mission or in our lives we ask ourselves, what should we do? Just like in the story of Johnathan and Gecica, I'm sure Johnathan thought to himself, What should we do? This week I was reading in Alma 32 and found an amazing part that I never noticed. In this part of the chapter, Alma is teaching the poor of the city because they would listen! They had been cast out of their places of worship because of how poor they were and this ,of course, caused them to worry because where would they go to worship God? They came to Alma with this exact question (v. 5) What should we do? How often do we ask the same question? And what is our answer? I love how Alma takes the chance to let them know that they do not need to only worship God in their Temples or Chapels, that they can worship God everyday. How? Through Repentace, Humility and Faith! I love the chance that we have to repent everyday! I know by repenting everyday and trying to strengthen our seed of faith, just like Alma teaches... that we will be able to partake of the Fruit of Our Labors! :) So when we ask, What should we do? the answer is look to God and plant the seed of Faith a little deeper!

I love you all!! :)
Have a great week!

Hermana Anderson

Parade in Quarai
Johnathan & Gecica cute Victor (10), Anderson (8 this week), Erik (2)
Member lunch this week...YUMMMMYYYY
Tag picture...this is for you mom ;~)
Got some pictures by the Beautiful flowers in the streets


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