September 9, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Coconut and Mini Pigs

Hola Familia e amiginhos!
I hope you all had a great week! I hope you all felt the spirit this week! I hope you all laughed and smiled! :)

This week was awesome! I went to Montevideo for a Leadership Conference with my Zone Leaders and my Sister Leader companion (because we are not companions). It was a great conference with President and Hermana Dunford. We talked about how we can follow the spirit more when we make our invitations to baptism or really any invitation. President Dunford asked us to increase our spirituality! I'm excited to follow his counsel to us because I know it's inspired! It will help us minister to the people we are teaching better because we will be in tune with the spirit!

This week we found an awesome family! Jose and Josiele with their 3 kids! We first contacted them when they were heading to a birthday party, they seemed super open and willing to talk so we marked another day to come back. We went by a few days later and they let us in! :) We found out they they go to a church called Universal but only for the past 2 years. They were really curious about who we were as missionaries and asked us about our "conversion story", like why we were members, how we got baptized and how we decided to serve missions. It was a really awesome opportunity for us to express our personal testimonies and experiences, and helped them see and feel that we were here on the mission not because someone told us too but because we love the Lord and want to serve him, and because this Gospel is the secret to happiness. Jose asked us "okay, then what is the difference between your church and Assemblia (another Evangelica church)?" So we jumped right in to the restoration, how God is not a God of confusion but a God of truth, and how he sent his son Jesus Christ to help us know the way we should go to find our way back home to Heavenly Father. How this path was lost for a time but now it has been restored! We were about to teach about Joseph Smith when they needed to leave to help a family member but they invited us to come back and finish teaching! And that they would have dinner for us too! :) I know that the Spirit was teaching more powerfully than our words that night because I felt it. I know that this church is true! I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that his gospel and power has been restored! What great news! :)

I had 2 tender mercies this week:
1) In Brazil there is a treat called Brigadeiro that can be chocolate or cream and coconut. I love this dulce so much! And the other day I was having a rough time and I thought to myself " I wish that I could be eating Brigaderio right now" We went to a lesson that day with less active that had gone to church that Sunday for the first time in a year! We visited with her and then afterward she invited us in her kitchen and was making this coconut type of Brigadeiro!! And offered us some. It was an answer to prayer. :)
2) We were contacting and as we were talking to the owner of the house a mini pig runs, squealing around the corner and into the front yard! It was so hilarious because it was so unexpected!! Welcome to Quarai! hahah

I love you all!!
Have a wonderful week!!
Sister Anderson


It was Brazil Independence day this week. They had a parade in our town. Both Countries have a piece of my heart.
Sister Lobos made soup today for lunch. Nice for this rainy day we are having here in Quarai!
Seriously love running into these Amazing CCM companions of mine. Forever Friends :)


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