September 2, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

100 Contacts and The Spirit

Hola Familia! Y amigos! Como Estan??

I hope you all are doing well. I cant believe that time is flying so fast! This week marked 10 months in the mission, no longer in single digit numbers! But more importantly is that this week we were able to go on divisions, have stake conference and of course serve the people of Brazil. Stake Conference was super AWESOME, a member of the area seventy come and spoke to us. Saturday we were able to go to the adult session with a man we are teaching named Robson. It was a great! He talked a lot about ministering like Christ, using the one on one example in 3 Nephi 11. :) It was great for our friend Robson because he loves 3 Nephi, haha.

This past Monday we decided to do a challenge this week of 100 street contacts, while being in divisions! The whole zone took the challenge with the prize of having a pancake party if we make the goal!! :) So Wednesday we headed out with the goal of sharing the gospel with 100 people. Honestly it was awesome!! The highlight of my week! We were stopping everyone that walked past us, talking to everyone sitting outside their house, basically talking to everything that moved! There was one person that really stood out to me during all the contacts, One woman named Natali. She has a little baby 6 months old and to our surprise is MARRIED. We got talking to her and she told us that she always tried to do things right, that she went through a time in her life when she went to lots of parties and was a little bit crazy, but she got to a point in her life where she needed to figure out what is important. She said that she met her husband, they got married and that she found out what was important. And them we showed up on her porch! :) We asked her the famous question "Why do you think there are so many churches?", She stopped and thought, then asked wow I don't know, what is the answer to that question? We got to teach her about prophets and the restoration of the gospel. While we were sharing the story of Joseph Smith the spirit was so sweet, It was a simple and peaceful feeling that these things are true. We got to help her understand that her family that she loves so much can be together forever, when we asked her if she wants her family forever she got emotional and told us that is really all she wants! I know that Natali was prepared to talk to us! Not only because she is married but because she was humble and willing to listen and learn! After this day of contacting like crazy I really knew that the Lord HAS people prepared to listen and that this world NEEDS the gospel. There are too many people who are content but not happy, the Gospel makes us HAPPY, really happy!! :) I love this gospel and I know that this plan that Heavenly Father has for his children is so perfect. We will not always understand everything that happens in our plan but we will know enough to move forward! :) Like in Ether 12:11, Wherefore, by Faith the law of Moses was given. For the gift of his Son, God prepared a way MORE EXCELLENT. (that was my translation haha hope it makes sense) How can we participate more in this gift? How can we live in a more excellent way?
I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us.

Have a great week!
Love you all so much!
Sister Anderson (By the Brazil they call us Sister not Hermana like in Uruguay)


Robson at the adult session
Robson's grandparents. We love them.
The Pancake celebration after Zone challenge last week
Just a picture of the SISTER Missionaries
The streets of Quarai
Look at our cute bags :)


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