August 12, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Family Night & Answer to Prayers

& Hola Familia & Friends!

I hope you all had a great week! This week went by super quick! But what is new because the time in the mission is always flying! It's a real testimony that the Lord really is HASTENING His work! :)

This week we were going to have a baptism of our dear amiga Altina, who is 71 years old but she got super sick and couldn't even get out of bed. It ended up being a great opportunity for her to strengthen her testimony of prayer and trusting in the Lord. We went over a few days before her baptism and she was super sick, because she also strugges with asthma. We had planned on going to a lesson with a couple after this visit with Altina, so it worked out perfectly so that she could get a priesthood blessing. We left to go to our other visit and didn't go back for a few days to let her get better. When we went back she told us that after the blessing, she was filled with a lot of peace and comfort. I was amazed at how well she was doing just a few days after the blessing. She told us that she can't wait to get baptized this week and knows that she will get feeling better, enough to get baptized. She is so amazing and has SO much FAITH. I know that Faith in Jesus Christ is how we see miracles in our lives. I have seen it in my life and now in the lives of so many others! I know that the Lord sees every little act of faith we do and he is willing to pour out his blessings on us!

We had an awesome family night with one of the couples that we are teaching, Alexandra and her boyfriend Kelington. Kelington is a less active member who is trying to come back to church and is coming back with Alexandra as she is receiving the lessons. Alexandra is an amazing person, She has struggled with depression and anxiety but with the gospel she told us that she felt so much happier and she WANTS to get baptized. Her only struggle is that she wants to have all her doubts solved before she is baptized. Hermana Lobos and I know that she is prepared for baptism because she has the right desires and is doing everything in order to take this step of Faith. Satan is impressive because he makes us doubt ourselves when we are about to do something RIGHT!

SO, We started the FHE with a video about a man who was born with out legs and how he chose to live the gospel and love his life despite the difficulties he was born with. He bore an amazing testimony of how he made the choice in his life to have FAITH in the Savior. The spirit was so strong after the video and Kelington expressed how he was so happy to be coming back to the church because he also felt a difference in his life, that now he understands Faith. Faith is the first step. The first step to change, to JOY, to PEACE, really to living the gospel. I know that the Lord knows each of us, especially how to strengthen our Faith. This truth gives me so much Peace because I know I can trust in the Lord to help me touch the hearts of those I'm blessed to serve!

I love the chance I have to be a missionary and serve the Savior! :) What a GREAT WORK this is!!

I hope you all have a great week!!
Love you all!
Uma braço!!

Hermana Anderson


Chicken Strogonoff Pizza, YUMMM

Jessica & her cute kids

Family night with Alexandra & Kelington & Bruna family

Cool Story.... Jessica son Victor who is 10 years old and super cute. He drew this picture of himself with the Book of Mormon and wrote his testimony. He couldnt wait to show us. I about died, it was so cute!!!!!

Hermana Anderson in Artigas, Uruguy

OK EVERYONE...... I ATE COW INTESTINE......LETS JUST LEAVE IT THERE....the flour and spices were great the intestine was (8-#


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