August 5, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Getting Cured and other Miracles

Opa! Hello familia and friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and that everything is going well back at home or where ever you are! I hope you all in Utah are eating a lot of icecream because it's crazy hot up there! Here in Quarai we are seeing tons of miracles and seeing a ton of progression too! This past week we had 6 investigators at church. I can't even describe what it's like to have all your investigators in church! We were running around making sure each one of them had a friend to sit next to and in the end each of them left with a smile on their face. I think that testimony meeting is the best meeting ever for an investigator because they get to see, hear and feel of the sincere testimonies of the members. It's like a big charla with a bunch of members!! :) I love how the members make such an amazing difference in the lives of our people.

This sunday we had a man come to church named Robson! He walked in with us and sat down, I had to go and lead the music because there wasn't anyone else and when I turned around there was a member sitting next to him! Turns out that this member got baptized about a year ago and that he and Robsen used to go to a different church together!! But now both of them are here in the TRUE church. The Lord works in mysterious ways. :)

Yesterday we were out contacting, it was a gorgeous day with lots of sun and so there were lots of people out just enjoying the day. We had walked by a woman but didn't stop because we were heading to other appointment but that was no excuse especially not for God, because we ended up walking by again about 30 minutes later! This time I felt stronger that we needed to talk to her! So we did. Turns out that about 5 months ago or so she was being taught by the missionaries but was facing lots of problems with her alcholic husband and recently moved to the house they are living in now to get away from him. She has 6 kids under the age of 11, with twins! I know that her time is perfect right now, and am so grateful that I listened to the whispering of the spirit to go and talk to her! There really are people who are being prepared by the Lord and we just need to be willing to do what he spirit tells us to do! :)

Talk of the week: "Cleansed by Repentance" from Presidente Oaks, April 2019. This talk is so amazing! I encourage you all to read it! :)

Funny story of the week:
My companion woke up with a stiff neck the other day and couldn't move her head basically at all. So all day she was walking around super stiff! We went to a charla that night and she was trying to act normal but it was obvious that she couldn't move her neck at all! So right before we left the Grandma of the person we were teaching asked if she could go grab somthing, and she comes back with some kind of blue green gel and a scarf for my comp. Then she rubs the gel on my companions neck and puts the scarf on! It was so nice! After the prayer we stood up to leave and the Grandma grabs my comps neck with both hands and says "In the name of Jesus Christ I heal you!". Hermana Lobos and I look at each other and were trying so hard to not just bust up laughing. It must have worked because the next day she felt better!! :)

I love you all so much!!
Have great week!!
Hermana Anderson

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