July 29, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

"I'm Already En CAMINO"

Hey there familia e amigos!

Como Estão? This week was a great week full of RAIN. It rained everyday with out stop! We were able to enjoy the rain and stay dry and the rain helps us too because people are more willing to let us in! :) We had a great activity this week where we talked about missionary work and had a game night. It was a super great night of testimonies from some people who just got baptized and my companion and I got to share our testimonies of our experiences as missionaries! :) We then played signs, which was really funny because for a lot of them it was their first time playing! But they caught on quick.

We also had an awesome charla with Jessica and Johnathan the couple that recently had their marriage proposal! We went with two members that recently got married and baptized and they were complete rockstars! We talked about marriage and baptism, talking about how right now they are getting married and getting all the things materially in place so that Jessica can get everything spiritually in place (baptism). The member couple that came with us also had to overcome the addiction to smoking. It's so powerful to have a member in the charla testifying that they know that the Church is true because they just went through everything that we are asking these new people to do! Over come addictions, wake up early and go to church, get married, ETC. Jessica told us that she has never felt happier than she does right now! She told us that she was going through a period of depression before we showed up at her door! And now she feels so happy! I know it's because she is showing God that she wants to change her life and shes making the little steps daily to make these changes! We are excited for her and Johnathan to start this journey in the gospel together!!

We had another awesome miracle this Sunday! This week we met this lady named Alshina, she's about 70 years old and lives alone. We got talking to her and she is amazing! Her daughter left her to live in India and she is divorced but she loves God and had talked to missionaries before! We shared some simple truths of the gospel and left the Restoration pamphlet with her and of course invited her to come to church! She said she would come " CON CERTEZA" or for sure! We called her Sunday morning around 8 am, an hour before church, to help her wake up :) She answered and was already wide awake and told us that she was ALREADY IN THE STREET walking to church!! :) We were soo excited!! She came and loved it too!! I know that there are people waiting to accept the gospel everywhere and we only need to invite them! God uses our efforts to bless other peoples lives and we just need to give the effort. He provided the perfect way to have JOY and to one day get back to him! How amazing is that! By living the gospel we enter in his divine way! Right now when the Spirit calls us we can say that we are " already en CAMINO"!

I love you all and I know that Jesus is the Christ! He loves us! :) I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Anderson


We usually see dogs and horses wondering the streets but this time it was a cow wandering around. Crazy!! We offered it a book of mormon! Gotta keep things real around here ;}
We've had so much rain that this bridge I am standing in front of almost had water over it.
See how high the water is. Crazy stuff!
It's cold enough for scarves!!
The fun family that we had family night with. The couple in front is Luciana and Rafiel and the couple standing by Hermana Lobos and I is Alexandrea and Ket.
They served us some yummy rice & chicken and the cake looking thing.....Oh that's not cake it is....a sandwhich...ham, cheese and frosting that is Mayo. (interesting)
This sweet friend & member Bruna & her husband. They have done so much for the missionaries. Feed them lunch this week.
Hermana Lobos and I in the streets this week.
Chilean Hot Dogs with homemade mayo...DELISH


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