July 22, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Asking For Marriage

Oi! Todo bem!!

Another great week here in Quarai! Really this week was a great week. We started off the week with Zone Conference, the first one with our New Mission President. It was a Super Spiritual Conference where we talked about Faith and the character of Jesus Christ. It continues to amaze me how if we have a firm testimony of who Christ is, who he really is, then we can have an immovable faith. I have seen so much of this in the mission so far! Especially with the people who have decided to leave the church, they have left because of simply not understanding the character of Christ. Often times we talk ourselves out of being worthy or don't feel like we are worth it. It's like in the talk, His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox, That when we get to heaven it won't be the sinner begging Christ to let him stay, it will be Christ begging the Sinner to stay! We are known and numbered by the Savior of the World, Do you know what that means? How incredible is that? Once we understand this precious truth we can conquer the world, or that addiction, or forgive that person, or go back to church!

For the past few weeks we have been teaching a part member family, Jessica and Johnathan and their 3 kids. Johnathan is already a member but has been less active for a few years now. We didn't know exactly why he went inactive but this week he opened up to us! It was a huge tender mercy because this conversation with him gave us the chance to be really direct with him about marriage. Because at this point he was dragging his feet to ask Jessica to marry him, because he wanted to fix his house and have money. That day we felt lead by the spirit to be really direct with him, telling him that he was holding back the progress of his wife by not getting married. He then told us that he had been thinking about asking her to marry him and wanted to do it on Sunday! We were over joyed!! At first he wanted to do it during Sacrament Meeting by calling Jessica up to the pulpit and giving a little talk but we gently gave him a better idea of asking her after the Sunday School Class. We talked to the teacher and she agreed to call him up at the end of the class to share a closing thought. Jessica is a little bit shy and so it was soooo sweet when he got up and started talking and then called her up to join him! He got down on one knee and she said SI!! It was such an amazing moment! Not only because they are going to get married but now Jessica can progress in the gospel! I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and that marriage really is ordained of God! :) I was so amazed at the amount of support and love that the members showed for them too! Everyone asking how they can help with the Wedding. We are so excited! I'm just praying that everything works out so I can be here for the wedding! :)

This week was really full of tender mercies and I just feel super grateful for the chance to be a missionary during this time! I know that the Savior LIVES! I know that the Worth of Each Soul is PRICELESS and that as we seek the guidance of the spirt that we can know how to serve the precious souls around each of us!!
I love you all!!
Have a great week!

Hermana Anderson


This amazing family that we had family night with. This woman has cancer and arthritis and 9 kids. They are amazing!

This is our soccor team. We play every friday and these kids come to play. Along with Johnathan the guy who propose to Jessica.

Beauiful Quarai Sunset

Hermanas in front of the church

My LOUCO Companion. I really do love her!


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