July 8, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Find a Penny Pick it Up

Hello my Family and Friends!!
How are you all?

Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans!! :) Ironically this week we were walking in the street and Hermana Lobos bends down all of the sudden and picks up a coin from the street, I thought it was just a peso but surprisingly... it was a good ole PENNY!!! 1967 American Penny! I about died! Thursday was such a prideful day for me and the other Americans in my zone, we decided to through a little fiesta with American style burgers and chocolate chip cookies. We invited the people we are teaching to come and celebrate with us. Our person didn't come but the Elders had people come and it was super fun!! :) I love Brazil with all my heart but nothing beats home! Pictures below!

This week we also had a half mission conference with the new mission president! President Dunford and his family, he came with his 18 year old daughter and 14 year old son who are so sweet. It was a great conference full of the spirit. I felt like they talked a lot about the basics of missionary work, the first basic being... LOVE, Charity. It made me think about where my heart is! If I was really serving out of a love for my Savior and for my fellow men! I love that our loving Heavenly Father showed us the perfect way to love! By sending his son Jesus Christ as a perfect example, he also showed us what is perfect love. I love Moroni 7:45 because I always think about how Christ suffered all, he was mocked, spit upon, accused and so much more he suffered. It really puts into perspective what we are asked to SUFFER.

This week we had a person we have been teaching tell us that the church isn't what he is looking for in his life. We were shocked because he had gone to church with us, was reading the book of mormon and coming to activities! We felt like he was so ready to be baptized!! It really taught me a lesson about the love of our Savior for each of us! Like Brad Wilcox teaches in his talk -His Grace is Sufficient, that when we get to the judgement seat, it won't be the sinner begging Jesus to let him in to heaven, it will be Jesus begging the sinner to stay. I know that the Lord has his sheep numbered and he loves each one of them. The amazing thing about this is that we can feel the same love that he does for his sheep!

I love the people here in Brazil, they are so generous! Today we went to visit someone that we had been teaching, I think I shared about him in my other emails. Favio and Silvia and thier 2 little sons, William and Anderson :) We got talking to them and noticed that thier little 3 month year old baby didn't have a lot of clothes and it's starting to get COLD here in Brazil! After sharing a scripture and saying a prayer we left. My comp had an idea to go visit a sweet lady who owns a little used clothing store because she was going through a rough time with her family. When we got there she luckily was doing a lot better, after talking for a little... my companion felt like she should talk about this little family Favio and about how the little boy doesn't have a lot of clothes. This sweet lady lit up and ran to the other side of her store and pulled out a box of little baby clothes! She told us that she wanted to give these clothes to the family! She ended up finding a package of diapers to give to this familiy too!! It was incredible. We didn't ask for a thing, we were simply talking about our day, who we had visited and who we were teaching and she felt inspired to give. She didn't count the cost, of how much she would lose by giving the clothes. she only thought of their need. We took the clothes to this family and they were so happy and so grateful! It was such a great lesson for me about being generous! I know that the Savior never counted the cost! When he come to earth he never though about what he would go through and if our souls were worth it... He simply came because he knows that our souls are of great worth! I know that we are Children of God! I know that He loves US so much!

I love you all!!
Have a great week!

Love, Sister Anderson

Sorry for the overload this week 8~}

Hermana Lobos and I in front of the Uruguay Temple at the Half Mission Conference

We found our Elder friends at the conference.

Hermana Lobos and I fixed a healthy meal!

Love seeing Abby smiling Face!

Our Zone celebrating the 4th of July in Brazil American Style. Burgers & Chips and Cookies!

Cute William that I talked about in this letter!


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