June 24, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Bencaos Ricas E Casa Ricas

HOLA Familia Y Amigos!! Como Estao??

This week was a week of really great experiences that left me feeling super grateful for the opportunidad to serve! I'm honestly so amazed at how well Heavenly Father knows each of us. I know I always write about this but it's something that I am continually learning! Yesterday morning before we went to church I was shuffling through the conference talks that I have and came across one that really caught my attention and began to read. As I sat in sacrament meeting, I pondered about a talk I had read. There was one part that really hit me, I found the quote, "That long journey, made under such difficult circumstances, was a trial of faith. But faith forged in the furnace of trials and tears is marked by trust and testimony. Only God can count the sacrifice; only God can measure the sorrow; only God can know the hearts of those who serve Him—then and now." (President Monson called Tears, Trails, Trust and Testimony.)

As missionaries we see a little bit of it all! The long journey that he is talking about really can mean any trial or difficulty that we go through! This Sunday I had a little trial of faith and this talk came right when I needed it. I know that this qutoe is true for all of us, whether we are members, missionaries or neither. God knows us perfectly. He knows our sacrifice to serve him and he knows the sacrifice we make to come closer to him. He BLESSES these sacrifices by strengthening our trust and tesimony! I love the way that President Monson expresses this blessing "But faith forged in the furnace of trials and tears is marked by trust and testimony." Each trial we pass through is for a reason and we can trust in our Heavenly Father, that out of love he has let us go thorugh this trial!

This week we visited a couple that we are teaching named Fabio and Silvia. They are the couple that have a 2 month old baby who was in the hospital with heart problems but is now doing so much better and is already home! :) This week we went by to have a lesson with them and saw that Silvia wasn't doing to great, she looked really tired. After asking how she was , she told us that she has been suffering from episodes of seizures, something that she has had all her life! We felt inspired to offer a preisthood blessing and she accepted. We called the Elders to give the blessing! They gave her the blessing and it was such an amazing experience. The second they started the priesthood blessing the Spirit filled the room. Afterward we had a little testimony meeting about faith and how we really can be cured by our faith in the Savior. Silvia expressed with tears in her eyes that she has been wanting to return to a church, but didn't know where or how and that this blessing helped her have the faith sufficient to move forward on a path to finding a church. I know that although she is going through a rough time, having her baby recently out of the hospital and herself going through health struggles, that this trial was neccesary to trust in Heavenly Father and gain a testimony of his Gospel! The Lord works in mysterious ways. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that he sent his Son to die for us! I know that each trial we go through is for our good and if we trust in him our testiomny will grow!! :)

I love you all!!! :)
Sister Anderson

We contacted a family this week in a super NICE house and after chatting with them for a bit they wanted to give us a house tour. It was super fun LOL The wife wanted to take pictures of us! HAHA It was alittle weird but explains the culture here, they are super friendly, Literally mi casa es su casa attitude! :)

Our English class. We teach English every week.

Hermana's get a manicure.

We had a Zone BBQ last week on Pday. Fun Times

The last 2 pictures are of an area that we tract to. It's a 30 minute walk one way. It's so beautiful there. Me with my compainion Hermana Lobos.


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