June 17, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Lobos

Right Place, Right Time

Hola Familia!! Y Amigos!! :)

This week was a good one!! We had zone conference with Presidente Olsen and Hermana Olsen! It's their last zone conference because they are already finishing their mission. It was SO bittersweet because they are AMAZING people and missionaries. Both of them served missions, Hermana Olsen in Uruguay and Presidente in Argentina, so they already were part of the South American people when they got here 3 years ago! Hermana Olsen wanted to make waffles for us and so we had a little waffle party before zone conference started, it was Heaven to have waffles!! After words we had a super awesome zone conference. President and Hermana Olsen talked about the New President, President and Hermana Dunford, that are coming; sadly they are from Arizona so we won't be getting any DUNFORD DONUTS but I'm excited to met them! :)

I felt like this week was full of moments where I thought to myself, "if we had showed up any later or earlier or any other day we would have missed this chance". Sometimes it was that we saw a member in the street and they gave us a reference of someone we should visit or it was simply that we decided to go visit someone and they ended up really needing us, or someone in their family really needed us.

This week we decided to go visit a hapaz (teen), Calvin, we had talked to a long time ago, like when I was with Sister Smith, we had already gone back and the super evangelicist mother answered the door and didn't want to talk to us. Nevertheless, we decided to go back to see if Calvin was home. We walked up to the door and the mother was inside cleaning so we asked her if Calvin was home. She seemed a little stressed out and so we offered to help her, of course she declined and told us that Calvin wasn't home. We stepped off to the side of the house to decide what we would do next and Calvin showed up right then!! We sarted talking to him and he seemed a little sad and said he was about to leave and couldn't talk. Right as he said this, His mom started telling him how he needs to do something with his life and how she is trying to help him find happiness and hope but that he is just not motivated to do anything. He just sits at home and does nothing. Turns out that he has depression because he used to be really overweight and recently lost a lot of weight, but still doesn't have much drive to live his life. His mom began to cry and open up to us about all the family problems that she has been having and how she feels about Calvin. We showed up to talk to Calvin about the gospel but we ended up having a family therapy session!! We talked though their worries and problems and really just let them express how they feel, both Calvin and his mother. Honestly it was the spirt guiding us because I am not a family therapist haha! We talked about the book of mormon and how it's about a family that also has its ups and downs and invited them to church. After singing a hymn and talking about how the gospel really is here to help us have happy families, we left them with smiling faces. It was honestly such an amazing experience because I felt like an instrument in the hands of our Heavenly Father! We were in the right place and at the right time! If we hadn't waited by the door for an extra 2 minutes or if we hadn't showed up that day we wouldn't have been able to comfort his mother during this stressful time. We came back on Sunday to walk with Calvin to church and he came to church!!!! It was such a miracle!! Calvin ended up realizing that he had a lot more friends in the church then he thought, we would introduce him to people and he would say, "oh yeah we met already" and at the end of the meetings he walked home with a neighbor! :) It made our LITTLE MISSIONARY hearts happy to see him so happy, in comparison to when we found him! I know that this is the gospel of JOY and that our families can be made perfect if we live the gospel, that is our hope that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be made perfect!! Ourselves and our Families! :)

I love you al soooo much!! Have a wonderful week!
Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there!! Love you!
Hermana Anderson

Vamos Arriba Quarai!!! :)

Waffle Party for our last time with Presidente Olsen
Hermana Lobos and I at zone conference
I love serving with these amazing Hermana's
Last Picture with President Olsen :(
Our very own Mate cups...don't worry we only use them in our apartment. :)
Egyptian Guy and me with my BofM


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