May 6, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Smith

Colorful Brazil

Hola Familia & Amigos!!

I Hope that you all had a great week! It's going great here in Brazil. We are having a great time getting to know the culture and talking to the people! I love the Brazilian people. They are so friendly and Colorful! :) Not to mention the food here is soooo good. Lots of black beans and rice and really good Meats and pasteles (empanada type things). But besides the food here we had a great week!

I got to go on divisions with Sister Nacimento from Brazil! She helped me so much with my Portuguese and we had a fun time working together for the day!! We ended up finding a sweet family. A woman named Rosani and her 2 little kids. We started talking to her and at first she told us that she goes to the church "Deus E Amor" (God is Love) and wasn't too interested.... but we started to talk to her and we get to know her more and it ended up being a great opportunity to share the restoration with her! We set another day to go back and share more and she accepted! Fast forward a few days, we visited her again and taught her how the restoration can bless her family. Her little kids Eduardo 7 yrs and Ana 4 yrs old were so cute they were so intently looking at the pictures in the folletos or brochures, of Christ and Prophets. It was so sweet! I know that they felt the spirit because of how reverent they were! Which was so impressive, it reminded me of my days teaching sunbeams before my mission! :)

I love fast Sunday. With all my heart I love it! It's so amazing to listen to all the testimonies of members of 2 years to life time members. Ever member plays a part and has a purpose and it's so evident! No matter the time or experience they have in the gospel all have a testimony of Christ! I know that testimony is the key to happiness in this life? WHY? because if we can have faith in our Savior then we will act on that faith and that faith will grow into a knowledge of the principles of the gospel. I love the principle that is found in Alma 32. I know that starting with Faith in Jesus Christ is the root to our GRAND TREE of Testimony and it's the first step for the people that we teach! I love sharing with people this fact! That if we act on our faith we will see a difference. There are so many confused people in the world who are just an action away from a bigger TREE of Testimony! Our action to go to church every Sunday or read the Book of Mormon everyday is if we do these little things out of love and faith in Jesus Christ we will be amazed at the Testimony that we will have! I know this to be true! :)

I love this gospel and I know it's the only true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ! :)
I love you all!! Have a great week!!

Sister Anderson

Sister Nacimento & I had the best shakes
Loved spending the Day with this amazing Sister!!
Bought me a Blanket-its getting cold here. Thank you Grandpa & Grandma!!
Beautiful Brazilian Streets
Hermana Smith and I needed our umbrellas a lot this week
Brazilian landscape
What I travel on eveyday
Those Clouds - Gods Beauty
Sister Smith and I on a rainy day searching for Gods people and rainbows :) (look its a double rainbow)
Beautiful Rainbow on a rainy day
Celebrated an Elder in our Districts Birthday
Cute Puppy


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