April 22, 2019


Quarai, Brazil


Hermana Smith

Happy are We

Happy Easter Family and Friends!!

I hope that you all had a great easter and a great week!

I made it to Quarai, Brazil!! Its so gorgeous here in Brazil! I can't believe that I'm in another country. You can just feel that it's not Uruguay, its so cool! Different smells, different dogs in the street, different language of course! It's so awesome! On the first day of working I really felt like this is the place that I needed to be! It's incredible the plan god has for his childeren, this is one that I didn't see coming for sure. But that's how it is with the people that join the church right.....they don't see it coming! :)

I truly believe that we saw miracles this week because of Easter. We had a ton of plans but right from the end of church the spirit made it obvious that there were different people that we needed to visit. One of the members of the branch came up to us and told us about a neighbor that needed help, that she had lost her brother last week. We were of course super excited to go and talk to her! So right after church we left with this member and walked to the house of her friend. As we were talking to the friend, she started to get emotional and tell us about the death of her brother. It was so sad to see that she didn't have the knowlege of the gospel, or the reason we celebrate Easter, that because of Christ no one is really gone! He broke the chains of death. We shared with her the scripture Moroni 7:41 that talks about the HOPE that we have because of the Atonement of Christ! Through out the rest of Easter Sunday Sister Smith and I were given so many opportunities to share that message of hope and joy. We met another family who had lost their mother, another couple who were looking to improve their life and finally a sweet older lady who had been watching videos of Jesus Christ all week so that when we came to her door she was ready to recieve us!

I'm amazed at the power of the restoration of the gospel! We have been sharing this TRUTH every chance we get and it's brought miracles! It's amazing to see the change that this message makes in the people we teach and come in contact with. By seeing the change in them I feel my testimony of my Savior grow. The restoration is of the gospel and church of Jesus Christ! His Church! Not of any other man but of the man of GOD. I know that HE lives and I know that this message, this gospel is on the earth to bless us and show us the way to be happy and one day live with God. The power of God is on the earth now! What a blessing! I'm so grateful for my Savior and I know that he lives! His power is real! :)

I love you all so much! Keep doing all the great things that you are doing! Thank you for your prayers and your examples.

Hermana Anderson

Pictures: out of order of when they happened but here is a taste of my week.
This is one street in my area! It's so pretty!!
6 pictures of my apartment.
This cake is amaizng its called Boding! mmmm takes so good. It's like Flan!
Another pictures of my new area.
Me and Elder Gusepie at the bus station before we left to our new areas.
My last picture with Hermana Rocha and the other 2 Hermanas in my zone at the bus station.


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