April 8, 2019


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Rocha

The magic of General Conference

Hola mi familia y amigos!!
I hope you all could watch General Conference and feel of the reality of our Father In heaven, that he really has called a Prophet and 12 apostles to lead and guide this church. I got to watch ALL 8 hours of conference and in spanish too! It was amazing!! A first for 2 things, watch literally every second of conference and in spanish! It was so wonderful to listen to every speaker talk about our savior and the reality of our loving Father in Heaven. It was really evident to me that Our Heavenly Father wants us to know that we GOT THIS! We have seen alot of changes in the church, new programs and all. But this conference was tranquilo. ;) I felt like it was focused on the love of our Savior and how we can live more like Him. I always like to look for a theme of each conference and this time i felt like it was Love and our conversion to Christ. :) I loved the talk by Sister Craven about happiness, that we will be happy as we live the gospel. I loved her comparison, that we can´t pay for happiness, not even 15$! It really strengthened my testimony that this gospel brings the verdadero felicidad that we all look for in life. I loved that talk by Elder Hales too about the coat that didnt fit. I know that each of us have talents and abilities and Father in Heaven knows better than anyone how we can use them. I hope that i can use my talents how Heavenly Father wants me to and i have faith he will guide me. I love how conference always fills us with a new animo or modivation to become better, more like Christ. I know that Heavenly Father really does know and love us.

We had a good week! We found a super amazing man named, Ernesto. We were working in between the conferences on saturday and he was our first contact! We knocked on his door and before we could say almost anything he invited us to sit down and chat! We shared who we were and about the book of mormon. ;) He was really receptive and eager to know more about the Book of Mormon! We invited him to listen to conference and he agreed to come to the Sunday morning session. Before we left his house, he asked us, " Why did you guys knock on my door?" I explained that we felt like we needed to talk to whoever was behind the door,or in other words that we were guided by the spirit. He than told us that he had been "talking" with God the minute that we knocked on his door. I know that Our heavenly father really does know who is praying to find the truth, he knows where each and everyone of his hungery and thirsty childeren are and we have the living water and the bread of life!! It was such a miracle to find Ernesto right when he needed it most. Our God is a god of miracles! :) I know that as we trust in Heavenly Father and seek his will that we will find his timing is perfect, always perfect. We never know what He has instore for us, all we can do is press forward with Faith!
I know Jesus Christ is our loving, merciful savior. I know that God has a specific and perfect plan for each and everyone of his children, YES that means YOU. :)

I love you all so much!
I hope you have a great week!!
Hermana Anderson

The photo isn't Ernesto but is a man named Antonio Carro, a less active that finally, after almost 12 weeks, came to the conference on Saturday!!

I had to hop on a bus at 5am this morning to go to Montevideo to get my Uruguay ID. I can now offically live here. 🙂 Guess who I got to see. Awe, my companion from the CCM Hermana Agular. We had lunch together and got to just catch up for a few hours. Then I was back on the bus and to Colonia by 3pm. Crazy fast day but fun to see my sweet friend!!

The elders in our branch are seriously preparing for marriage, HAHAHA, they cooked us brazilian stronganoff saturday night before the priesthood session, during our studies. Don't worry they asked us to cook something up also. So we made cinnamon rolls. I didn't get a picture 🙁 But everything was so YUMMY!!!


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