March 18, 2019


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Rocha

Hide and Seek with Los Escogidos

​H​ola Familia!!

Espero que su semana fue llena de experiencias espirituales y cosas buenas! This week was a good one!! :)) We found some new people to teach and I'm super excited to see what this next week brings. We have been struggling to find people to teach here in Colonia, but this week we were blessed to find a handful of super great people! Looking back on this week I'm full of gratitude because though I am not perfect and still have so much to learn, so many things to improve, The Lord blessed our efforts. This is something I have witnessed so much in my short 4 1/2 months in the mission, that the Lord blesses our humble, sincere efforts, every single one!

This week we found a super awesome man named Roberto. He was sitting outside his house with his cat, and when we came up to his house he stood up before we said anything and came closer so he could talk to us. He began to ask us all sorts of great questions... the first being, "why are there so many churches in the world today? Hermana Rocha and I were pinching ourselves because he seriously had all the questions that us missionaries are preparing for!! We shared that we know that the gospel of Jesus Christ will answer all of these questions that he has and that we have a way to know the truth from God! He was so eager and willing to listen, really hungry for the truth. I know that the Lord has given us His gospel for this reason exactally! To answer the souls deepest questions and to give us guidence in our life. I know that we can receive divine guidance in our lives as we look to the principles and doctrines of our savior Jesus Christ!

This week a member in our branch had her Quince in the Capilla! It was the first time I witnessed a Quince!! Her family made it a ward activity so there was a lot of ward members and even non members who are friends of Nataila, the birthday girl! Super awesome time!! :)

I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!!
Hermana Anderson

Talk of the week:
October 2018 Sisters and teaching in the Home by Henry B Eyring
Super amazing. The power of love!! :)

Pictures of the week:
Hermana Rocha & I Choose the Book of Mormon
Nataila at her Quince (15th Birthday)
Icecream after a long week with the Elders in our Branch
Me :)
This amazing couple, Tito & Maria that feeds us lunch every Thursday. They serve the YUMMIEST meals. We love them.
I found Rocky's Brother. He was such a cute dog and made me miss mine.

P.S. Abby said if there is one thing you can specifically pray for her this week it would be to have more guidance and creativity in her area! She feels your prayers!


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