March 11, 2019


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Rocha

Lluvia and Why I love this Work

Hola Todos!

I hope you all had a great week and are doing well!

Honestly another great week! Full of ups and downs and great memories! I love the weather here in Uruguay, its finally cooling down for Fall and so its super nice now. We had one day this week where it was super super hot all day and Hermana Rocha and I had our umbrellas for the sun because there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Around 5 in the afternoon we went back to our house to grab something and decided to leave our umbrellas because the sun was going to start to go down and there was a TON of wind and it looked like maybe something was blowing in. But we left the house without our umbrellas and started walking toward our charla which happened to be super far away from our house, and everything was great! We were contacting a little near our charla and all of the sudden the clouds turned black and the wind got super bad! Hermana Rocha and I were like.... This isnt good... and right as we thought that it started POURING RAIN. I can't describe how hard it started raining. And of course... We didnt have our umbrellas, even though we had been carrying them all day!! We ran to the house of the person we were going to visit but they weren't home! At this point we were literally drenched in the rain and still had to walk home! I have never been so wet in my life and it wasn't raining normal, it was raining SIDEWAYS! HAHA! I know that next time when we see even a little bit of clouds and its a bit TOO windy to bring our umbrellas POR LAS DUDAS!

I encourage you all to look for the clouds in your lives the things that maybe Heavenly Father is sending to you as a warning and to act on that warning. As members of the church we have the amazing gift of the Holy Ghost to always guide us and warn us of danger! I know that we will always be given warnings by the Holy Ghost because that's his purpose to keep us safe from the "black clouds" in our lives and to avoid being caught in a CRAZY rainstorm.

We also had District Conference this week! We were lucky enough to have President Olsen and Hermana Olsen come and speak in our Conference. We also saw a miracle. We have a person who we are teaching named Carlos. We had a set charla with him this week but he didn't show up and we weren't able to find him because he doesn't have a phone. Hermana Rocha and I were trying to find another investigator to bring to the conference on Saturday night for the Adults but all the people we asked couldn't come so we ended up not going, sadly. After the Saturday Conference we got a call from the Elders who serve with us in our branch asking where we were because...... CARLOS WAS AT THE CONFERENCE. We had no idea how he knew about the conference because we didn't have the chance to invite him but nevertheless he was there! He even came to the meeting on Sunday and got to meet Presidente Olsen! It was such a miracle and a huge answer to our prayers to not only find carlos but to have someone in the conference. I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers without a doubt in my mind. Speak He is Listening. :)

*Seven Reasons why I love the mission:*
- Being like Family with the members
- Being able to make friends with the other missionaries, who are from different countries
- Learning from the members and witnessing their amazing testimonies
- Learning to love like Christ does
- Using the Gospel to help others improve their lives
- Seeing MILAGROS (miracles)
- Witnessing how the Gospel is so real, the promises and blessings are REAL.
I have a testimony that God does love US and He is our Father in Heaven. He wants all his childeren to have the opportunity to listen to His word and accept Christ. And because of that he sent his Son, our Savior.

This email was super long, I apologize!
I love you all so much!!! Thank you for your prayers and your emails! Have a great week!!
Que pasen muy bien!!!
Hermana Anderson


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