March 5, 2019


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Rocha

Staying in Colonia

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

I'm pleased to announce that I will be staying in COLONIA! Im so excited to have more time in this beautiful and amazing city! Vamos Arriba!

This week was super great! Hermana Rocha and I worked hard and tried our best to avoid the crazy dogs that are everywhere.... but on Tuesday one got the best of us and bit my companion!! We were clapping at a house and didn't see that there were 2 dogs loose in the yard. I saw one running at us but didn't see the one running to the side of Hermana Rocha and that's the one that bit her right in the calf!! It was a moment when I felt like a terrible companion because I didnt do anything to stop this dog, just stood there! Luckily we were wearing pants that day so the dog didn't bite her skin. Thank goodness for the revelation about the dress code for the hermanas!! :)

This week we also had splits in Rosario with Hermana Avalos and Hermana Leyes. Rosario is a part of Colonia about an hour out of centro, which is my area. It was a super great experience to work in a different area and get to know Rosario alittle! :) We did a lot of contacting and I learned a lot from the Hermanas about attitude! I know that there is power in our attitute. Life isn't perfect and the work as a missionary doesn't always go as planned... but what's new! If we look at our experiences with hope and joy we can endure through our trials. The Hermana's were a great example of this to me, even though we contacted all day and didn't get to have charlas they kept the energy and excitement for the work high!

I love what PMG says about dilligence, that diligence is having a energy and motivation for the work despite how we feel with our circumstances. I know this is true in living the gospel too! If we can live the gospel with all diligence we will find that the Lord will bless us with strength beyond our own. I have witnessed that immensely in my mision and I know you can feel it to in your life.

Yesterday we had a charla(discussion) with a recent convert named Aitana. She lives with her mom and her mom's boyfriend, who are both less active, she's 10 years old but is super smart and honestly amazing!! We were teaching her about the 10 commandments with a little twist, with signals for each commandment so she can remember them all! For example, the first commandment is only one God so the sign is with one finger point to God :) Well, her mom and the boyfriend were sitting out with us and started to pitch in asking questions and participating in the lesson. It was super fun and ended up being an unplanned family night because after they invited us to eat homemade pizza with them! This was a testimony to me that this gospel is FUN and is for EVERYONE!!

I know that our Savior lives and loves each of us. He has power that is mighty and sufficiant to save us and to heal us. This is HIS gospel and I know it.
Have a great week!!! I love you all so much!!

Hermana Anderson

For pday today we visited Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse. It was so fun to see all the old ruins and the cobblestone streets and buildings. Because it was transfers we had some extra Hermana's staying with us!


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