February 25, 2019


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Rocha

Saturday Night Miracles and Coxinha

Buen Dia Familia y Amigos!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! This week in Colonia Centro was really great!

We started off the week with a great charla with a recent convert, of about 4 months named Estella. She has some health problems and so she can't walk to church and can't read the book of mormon but she is super wonderful! We shared the talk by President Nelson that was given in last general conference to all the sisters of the church. I love how President Nelson reminds all sisters of the church to take part in the gathering of Israel because we have talents and abilities that God gave only to women! It was so wonderful to share this message with her. The spirit was strong as we shared about the Prophet and testified of the words he so recently gave. I'm so grateful that we have a Prophet on the earth today because it proves to us that God LOVES US! He wants to give us all the tools to return to His presence someday!

This week we had a goal as a zone to find 7 new persons to teach, people who were willing to listen to us and also willing to set another day for us to come back and teach them more. We started off the week with our animo high, ready to find the chosen people of the Lord. I found that as I treated every single person we talked with as a new possible investigator we saw so much more success! We started finding 4 people in one day and finding some really awesome people. One of them ended up being an old investigator that Hermana Koford and I had been teaching but ended up stopping because she didn't want to commit to anything, which was okay it wasn't her time! But this week we recieved a call from her asking us to visit because she was ready to change! She told us that she wanted the church and wanted to try again with the missionaries! We had a really good charla with her about Faith and how we just need to take the step of faith to change our lives. She told us that there was a difference in her life without our visits! I know that only Heavenly Father knows the timing of each of his children! It was not her timing a month or so ago but now it is. I'm excited to see her take this step of faith and learn more about the plan that God has for her. :)

Today for Pday the Elders, that we share a branch with, met a woman named Maria this week and after talking to her about her desire to own a resturant made a deal with her. Elder Gusipe, from brazil, would teach her how to make Coxinha if she would meet them at the Capilla(chapel) and have a tour! So she agreed! Hermana Rocha and I were invited and we all make these chicken dumplings from Brazil! It was super fun!! Maria was super interested in our lives as missionaries and in our purpose. It was a fun opportunity to share our purpose and testimony while doing something fun! And SUPER DELICIOUS too! :)

I know that my Savior lives and that he loves each of us so individually. I know that His way is the only way we can find happiness in this life because His way is higher and better than ours. I know that through the atonement we can find forgiveness but also peace and strength. If you are feeling weak I would encourage you to look to your savior a little more this week. He is our rock and our redeemer. :)

Have a wonderful week!! Love you alllll soooo much!!!!
Hermana Anderson


Hermana Rochas & I
Elders with Maria making Coxinha
Cute Aitana - she's 10 years old. Reminded me of my younger sisters with her Shopkin Book
Rice & Tomatoes are super common here
Fort House - It reminded me of making forts out of blankets at home. You do not see these around here. It just reminded me of making forts as a kid. 🙂
Weird Spikey bushes that are everywhere

P.S. Next week is Transfers so Pday will be on Tuesday

P.S.S. I have a new email address:


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