February 18, 2019


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Rocha

What a week

Hi Family & Friends,

We did get to talk to Hermana Anderson today. We could only hear her voice because she doesn't have a camera on the computer she used. She also borrowed an Elders headset so she could talk more privately with us. It was so good to hear her voice!! Abby is not sure if she will call evey week. She will play it by ear. Thus is the reason her letter is a little shorter today and we figure out this new announcement. Abby also forgot her camera so she wasn't able to send any pictures. Thank you for all your love and support for our Hermana Anderson! She says she is loving it and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Love you all,

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

I hope your week was wonderful! I honestly loved the Come Follow Me theme this week of Nacer de nuevo. I know with out a doubt that we can truly be born again and see miracles in our own hearts. Christ really does have the power to change our ordinary water into delicious, amazing "Grape Juice" (Luke 4).

This week was a good one! We found a super amazing person named Felipe. We had contacted his dad a few weeks prior but when we went to visit again he wasn't there. So this week we tried again and ran into Felipe. I can't forget the moment we started talking to him I had a super strong impression that we needed to share the gospel with him, that we needed to talk to him more about what his dad does for work ;). So we started talking to him about his beliefs and experiences with religion. He told us that he was taking a pholosophy class and was learning about Jesus christ and the 12 apostoles, (from the worlds perspective of course) and he was really curious in our message about the restoration. In that first day with him, we ended up teaching the resoration and giving him a baptismal date for 16 of March!! He had never been baptized in his life, which is super rare in uruguay, and wanted to know about the signifigance. After we explained that baptism is a promise we make with God and a opportunity to be clean he accepted with out hesatation! It was truly a miracle! It was even more of a miracle for Hermana Rocha and I because the 3 days before meeting him had been ROUGH, we didn't find anyone who wanted to listen and we had knocked on tons of doors with no luck. I was beginning to think... Is there anyone in Colonia that needs us? I know that Heavenly Father often takes us low so that we can experience the high, and so that we can be that much more grateful for the Joy and Happiness in our lives. I learned an important lesson of patience this week! To push through the bad days with a smile so that when you get to the good days you can enjoy them so much more, with a even bigger smile!

Talk of the week is : The role of the Book of Mormon in conversion By Shayne Bowen Oct 2018. I know the Book of Mormon has a power that we can only experience as we read and apply it in our lives.

I love you all!!! I know that by our faith in Christ we will see miracles!!

Hermana Anderson


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