January 7, 2019


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Koford

Welcome 2019 & Gabriel

Hello to my Family & Friends!

This week was the fastest week of my life. I am positive that the mission is a time warp because of how incredibly fast time goes. Hermana Koford and I are working hard and having so much fun together!!

New Years Day: For New Years we celebrated at a members house and with the zone leaders and one other family from the branch. We played a card game similar to Uno and it was so much fun. I have missed card games mucho!

We ate kabobs and potatos for dinner which were super delicious. They also have this confetti which is little tiny white circles that we all threw at each other and in the air which was way fun! Until....... some niño throws it in your face and you get 3 in your eye..... LOL but it was TODO BUENO! I got them out with no problem!!! :))))

Hermana Koford and I made snicker doodles and brownies for the party but only took the cookies because the brownies were not ready so when we went home at 1am we ate them. It was a total fiesta that day from confetti to brownies at 1am!

This week has been amazing. We had a Branch Pizza Party. Our branch is really small, only like 50 members. Our branch is stuggling a little and having a hard time retaining the members mostly because they live a 15 minute bus ride away. So to unify them we have weekly activities. It was a fun night! (pictures included) While at the church we had to kill a HUGE SPIDER! It was soooo scary. The elders used a knife and pole to kill it and the Spider even HISSED at us! :-0!!!!! Sad to say but I am getting use to seeing these lovely creatures!

This week we also had a charla (lesson) with our recent convert of about a month and a half, Gabriel. I have only known him for a few weeks but I have seen a huge change in him. Hermana Koford told me about when she and her previous companion found him in the street, drunk and high on drugs, homeless, but that he listened to the lessons and cleaned up his life and was baptized. Over the past month he has had a hard time staying clean and even since the time I've been here I have not seen him not smoking. He has a lot of hardships, no job, no family, ultimately feels like he has no purpose in this life. Although recently, a friend and a member of our branch helped him find a job and a part time home. This week when we saw him, he had shaved his beard, showered, and just looked different. A difference I can't put into words. As we talked with him he expressed that his job is going well and we could just feel that he was finally feeling content and happy. He told us that he has 100% stopped smoking and drinking for good. We were so happy because of how difficult it has been! We read Ether 6 with him and as we discussed how the Lord always brings us on top of our trials, like the barges in the scripture, as we talked about this and he had a glow in his eyes. I know that this "GLOW" is the product of REPENTANCE, CHANGE and FAITH in Christ. Gabriel decided to finally put down his addictions and trust in the Lord! He has the spirit in his life again.

Heavenly Father doesn't care how many times we fall short or fall back into our silly mistakes, he only cares about the fact that we come back. Would Heavenly Father ever reject us when we WANT to come back to Him? NO!!!! We are ALL his children and He KNOWS that we are imperfect and that no matter how hard we try we will not be perfect in this life. That's why we have a Savior. Someone we can lean on to forgive us and help us as we continue to try our very best everyday.

I Know that the atonement is real because of how it has blessed my life beyond description. Now my testimony is even stronger because of the faith that Gabriel has had to change his life too. I know we all have numberless chances to change and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that CHANGE is real. In this New Year, let us change for the better, through Jesus Christ.

Talk of the week for me was "Firm and Steadfast in the Faith of Christ" By Elder Christoffersen (October 2018)

I hope you all have a great week!!
I love you all so much!!
Thank you for your support and love always!!

Hermana Anderson

Elders killing the spider with a knife and pole
Huge Spider we found in the Church Kitchen
Hermana Koford & I made decorations for our Branch Pizza Party
The Party
Hermana Koford and I at the Branch Pizza Party
The Yummy Pizza's each family made
The Hermanas
New Years Eve Confetti


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