December 31, 2018


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Koford

Happy New Year

Hola Familia!! How are you all doing!? It was so amazing to see your faces and hear your voices on Christmas. I could feel your love and support and I had a hard time holding back my tears. I miss you all so much. I also hope that I expressed just how much i loved the package you sent me! Everything was perfect, the PJs are sooo soft and of course the PB has been a taste of home. I love you so much. :)

This week was HOT. We were sweating all hours of the day, but thankfully, yesterday and today have been a lot cooler. Nothings better than sweaty basos, how they greet people here a kiss on the cheek!

But God has blessed us in this weather because we saw miracles this week. First we found this woman named Monica, the elders lost her for months and when we found her she said that she had been wanting to talk to us again and be baptised! We have been having great chats with her and she knows more than we thought. We are praying for her to come to church this sunday because that is the last thing she needs before baptism!

Another amazing miracle we were blessed with was a woman called us out of the blue one night and asked us to come visit her! So the next day we went and were confused of who she was, Hna Koford had no clue who this person was. We finally find her house and we start chatting with her and turns out she had met with the missionaries 1 year ago and decided that she wanted to change her life and feel happier, then she remembered the missionaries. And called us!! We decided to ask her to be baptised during this first visit and she agreed!! And she even came with us to church on Sunday!! Im so happy for her faith in God to act on a prompting she had to call us! It will be so amazing to see what happens with her as we visit more and more.

The other miracles we saw were just thorugh out the day. We would be walking trying to find a house or a street and ALWAYS run into someone. Constantly we had people stopping to talk to us or we would pass by a member or less active in the street. It was super crazy!

One time we were walking out of the shopping center and a worker in the parking lot stopped us and told us how he had just finished watching the Saratov Approch.... and he thought the missionaries were amazing! We were shocked because we thought that he was going to start bashing on us but instead he wanted to learn more about us and who we are! All these mini miracles this week just bore testimony to me that we are Gods ministers and he does use us.

Heavenly Father has other sheep here that he wants in his fold. As we were going about His work we were blessed in ways we could not imagine. I know that God has a plan. He has a great love for ALL his children and wants them all to come unto Christ and have JOY! I know that this church is the church and gospel of Jesus Christ!

Now about the food: The food here is sort of bland, doesn't have a lot of spices or anything but... the brazillian missionaries know how to cook! One of the hermanas taught us how to make Brazillian Strogonoff! And Wow soooo good! Its only Rice, and this mixture of tomato past and a thick milk and then chicken or steak! super good and easy so i have been making it for dinner like everyday!

Today for Pday we went to a little place for Lunch called Mandelas. And I got a pizza with fries on top and BBQ sauce!! WOW so delish. I included pictures of this crazy pizza.

We also had the chance to go shopping this morning and I got to use some of the Christmas money you guys gave me!! I bought a dress, skirt and 2 shirts! I’m super excited about them!! Thank you so much for the best christmas!

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be here in South America and be humbled everyday. The people here are so humble. They give everything and ask for nothing. I have lots of room to grow as a missionary but I know that as I focus on Christ I will be able to Do all things through Him. :)

Happy New Year!!! 2019! I hope you all have a wonderful night celebrating!!

Love you all!!
Hermana Anderson


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