December 17, 2018


Colonia, Uruguay


Hermana Koford

First week in Colonial

Hello my beloved Family & Friends,
How are you all?? It was so weird not to write you all last week, but grateful you got my scanned letter and could read it! I loved the 1st of December package, so cute!

Could you read what I wrote about it?

Presidente Olsen told us they called you but you guys didn’t answer on Wednesday! Also that package from Uruguay Gifts was so cute!! I love you all! AHH.

We hung up the decoration that came in the box so that helps me stay in the Christmas spirit, since its definately not cold here.

The weather here is nuts. It has rained and poured half the week and the other half was beautiful weather.

Colonia is gorgeous! When I heard that I was going there I was so excited because Keri talked about how cool it was and it really is!! The city is gorgeous, they have trees lining all the streets and the buildings are straight out of the 1800s so it looks so pretty! I’ll take better pictures this week and show you!

The spanish is way different here, they pronounce alot of words differently and even use different words differently but its all good! Eventually I’ll get it!! When I first sat in a lesson I was like, this is italian forsure, not spanish! They say the double LL with a SH and it through me off at first!

We got to Colonia at 9 pm on Wednesday and when we got to the house I was a little shocked because I had never seen a house so small and humid before, I’m really embaressed to say LOL.

Hermana Koford said when she first got there, there was mold everywhere and it was a mess but she and the other Hermana before me cleaned it up! Its mold free now but super humid and hot but I love it because its cute and perfect for 2! (pics included)

Hermana Koford is amazing! She is on her last change of the mission so after me shes heading home! She is full of knowledge, super hard working and amazing! I cant wait to continute to learn from her for these next 6 weeks!!

On thursday, my first real day, we were all ready to head out and get to work,around 10:30 am, our zone leaders told us we couldn't go out and work! So we got to stay inside all day!

I was like umm I’ll take this as a tender mercy because I got to study more spanish and read my scriptures for like 3 hours! LOL

The next few days went back to “normal” we had lots of charlas (or lessons) everyday.

They are all members or less actives that we are trying to strengthen. We go in and talk with them, share a scripture about Christ, pray and leave. Its so simple but so powerful. The spirit always tesifies of Christ and especially during this time of year we can easially talk about Christ.

I love talking to less actives or non members here because they all believe in Christ so when you testify to them they always just knod and say AMEN!

One crazy thing that happened this week was when We visited one nonmember Sebastian, and we were talking to him about attending church, when out of the corner of my eye I see this thing moving on the ground..... it was this creepy little bug dragging a small tranchula across the floor!!!! I died! Then it started crawling up the wall carrying the spider with it. Then Sebastian stood up and just smashed it on the wall. I just thought to myself, WOW I am not in KANSAS anymore!!! LOL!!!

We also did service for a member named Elizabeth, we painted her kitchen chairs and her front door! It was really fun and she is really nice! She can’t come to church because her mom is sick and she has to take care of her so we try to visit once a week to keep her spirits up. I have been so humbled by the people that we met and even at church on Sunday, everyone here is a convert of less than 30 years and are just trying their best.

Their testimony is simple and that is all that matters, they know its true.

We have 4 other hermanas in our zone and they came and stayed with us last night because of our Zone Conference today! It was a missionary sleepover at our house!

Today was a good Pday! We made brazilian chicken stroganoff and wow!!! So so good!! We then went out for ice cream and that was also so good!! My zone is really awesome and I'm excited to grow with them over the next 6 weeks!

The field is way different than the CCM that is forsure! The first week is always the worst because your adjusting and trying to feel at home. But I have been suprised at how it was easier than I was expecting and I know that is because of the faith and prayers of you guys.

I’m so excited to talk to you guys next week!! It will be so fun to talk in spanish and see your faces!!

I love you all sooooo much. Miss you LOTS!!

Hermana Anderson


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