November 20, 2018




Hermana Agular/ Hermana Padgett

1/2 Mark at the CCM

Hello Family & Friends!!

This week was great! Lots of great memories and spiritual moments!

Happy Thanksgiving! I cant believe it's this week!! It feels like yesterday was Halloween!! We were told that we will be having a full American Thanksgiving meal this Thursday! Thanks to Hermana Hansen the Presidents wife!! So im excited!

I am learning so much about myself and becoming more like Jesus Christ everyday here. I want to be the best missionary I can be. While I was pondering this question during personal study this week, I was prompted to read the story of Enos. Wow! I have never appriciated the story of Enos until now! For us to improve and become better we just need to pray and act. Heavenly father wants us to come unto him and be the best we can be but first we must pray. This is so important for missionary work. I know that as I pray often and listen to the spririt I will be guided. Action is key to Prayer. I have learned that miracles come when we act on promptings of the spirit!

During meals we sit with the Latinas and my goal for this week was to sit alone with two hermanas for one meal in order to practice my spanish! It wasn't easy because I dont know spanish super well but as I acted on this goal I was blessed with confidence and my spanish improved so much!! I also developed great relationships with all of them, they are the most hard working and dedicated girls I have ever met. Most of these Latinas come from poverty and broken families, yet they are here serving the lord with all their hearts. Yesterday they left the CCM for the field and it was so hard to see them go because of our great relationship. They have been extremely patient and loving with all of us north americans and are always willing to help. We had a little testimony meeting with them in our room last night, just 10 of us, and bore our testimonies. It was such a spiritual experience to hear their love of our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I know they will be amazing missionaries and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to know them and see thier examples!

Today, Pday, we went on a little field trip!! We went to this catholic church on the top of a mountian called Monserate. Its gorgeous!! We walked around and they have a whole garden with statues depicting the crusifixtion of the Savior. It was Beautiful... but im so happy our church focuses on the resurrection of the Savior :). Next we went to a little burger place inside a gas station and wow soooooooooo delish!! I got a burger with beans on it, like a taco burger, it was amazing! And my shake was a caramel macadamia nut shake which was also amazing. Following that we went to this little store with soccer jerseys and me and my companieras got matching Uruguay soccor jerseys! Pictures are included below!! It was a super fun day to see the city and sort of be a tourist for a couple hours LOL! We did talk to one woman and she told us she loves missionaries and has seen them walking down the street, she gave us advice to listen to all peoples backgrounds regardless of thier church. She was really sweet and I think someday will find the truth. We weren't allowed to bring any pass along cards or else we would have given her one :).

I love being a missionary, the good days and the not so great days. I know that the Lord is our Savior and is the son of God. I know he loves us and knows us better than we know ourselves. I know that as we study the book of mormon and pray we WILL find answers, peace and joy. I know that this is the true church of God.

I love you all so so much!!

Until Next Week,
Hermana Anderson 💗


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